🏚 pn's flat purchase looks like it actually might happen

  • it will happen
  • it won’t happen
  • fuck off mate

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our accepted offer was submitted ten weeks ago, and the tenants were meant to leave about a week later.

i am starting to think this won’t happen.


I’m being positive Niki.

Why haven’t the tenants left yet?

Not banal and have fingers crossed for you.

Is the hold up with the landlord or the tenants do you know? Also, have you had the survey done/spent anything else yet?

i don’t think they have anywhere else to live? i don’t know the exact details, but i know that the council have told them to stay until bailiffs come to evict them, as it’s only after this that they can provide them with accommodation. really shit.

Depends if the tenants dig their heels in, doesn’t it? A section 21 takes two months to expire, and they might have been given the advice to stay put until actually evicted (depending on how strict their local council’s housing advice team is).

So I wouldn’t rule it out. I’d say it was 70% likely to still go ahead.

Ah there we go - I was just typing words to that effect.

see my reply to nick_ds re: the tenants

we’ve not started anything yet. we thought this would happen, but i wasn’t anticipating this long tbh.

in your OBVIOUSLY expert opinion, will we be in by christmas? the possession order for the house was dated something like september 9th.

Are you worried about them smearing shit all over the walls before they leave?

I would be.


Dunno too much about this shit.

My bf had his offer accepted and 6 MONTHS later, they withdrew the offer and put it back on the market for £30k more.

On the second place, he had his offer accepted and then was in there about a month later.

Yup. The first thing happened to us and then we had to do it to our purchasers (but to let so fuck 'em)

yeah, a little bit

we’ve not actually proceeded financially with anything yet, so our offer will still be subject to a final viewing of the flat. they;re a family, so would assume they wouldn’t pull something like that :pensive:

Gonna have to go with the rude one because I’m very childish.


thank you.

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What does subject to final viewing of the flat mean? Surely its either accepted or not?

have you had a survey, MIP, convenyencer done searches yet? once things are ready to go from your perspective then issue them with a deadline that you need to move in by.

thinking about it from the owner’s perspective, why would they kick out tenants who are paying rent until they absolutely have to?

we can still pull out at any time. we’ve not instructed a convenyancer or started even applying for a mortgage. the agents know we are getting fed up (they are shite at communicating) and we wanted a second viewing ages ago but haven’t been able to have one, obviously.

Are you still looking at other stuff? Never a bad idea to have a Plan B. When we bought our current place we had already had an offer accepted on somewhere that had fallen through. Was pretty gutted at the time until a friend advised me that when trying to buy a house you will look at dozens and fall in love with three or four, which you will then never think about again once you actually move in somewhere :+1: