House/Flatshares (poll thread)


A few things i’ve thought peculiar about sharing houses with people over the years. Some might apply to partners, some definitely won’t.

Best we assume that people are neither absolute jobsworths nor monumental slobs.

No chat, please.


Assuming nobody’s taking the piss, if there are a few extra pots now and again do you…

  • Wash them when you’re doing your own and hope the other person/people possibly return the favour at some point
  • Sift through them and strictly only wash those you’ve used

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Stick them in the dishwasher, obvs.


No Tories.


If anything, dishwashers are Green.


that may be so but it’s very rare that i’ve been in a houseshare with a dishwasher, and i’ve been in about 30.


Washing up by hand is Lib Dem, because it’s well-intentioned but ultimately doing harm.


Guys: ‘no chat’


Non-partner’s only this one, i guess. Stuff like toilet roll, sugar, milk, washing-up liquid, a bit of shower gel, etc, again assuming nobody’s an absolute pisstaker…

  • Sharable if people need some. Life’s too short.
  • Out of order. Use your own.

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feel like milk has to be an exception here


I know you said no chat but I am looking forward to participating in this thread.



  • All in a big pile by the door and just use whichever
  • Keep ‘yours’ to yourself like a fascist

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Mine’s grey ahaha.






(Don’t actually own because I’m not a Tory)


what kind of pervert wears other people’s shoes?!


Ten pin bowlers


Who are you going to vote for your party leader when Vince Cable steps aside?

  • Coat stand
  • Coats strewn everywhere

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