House/Flatshares (poll thread)


i’m testing this out now, it’s really masking noise a lot more than i thought it would. i guess it refocuses your ears or something.


What about the plate?


Was talking to my landlord (Tory) recently. Apparently he leased our house to a bunch of students once and they all fell out as per usual. They then all bought hot plates and kettles for their rooms and fucked the plastering in the whole house with oil and steam. Good stuff


housemate spent seemingly the entire day screaming on the phone. half-thinking of booking into a hostel for a couple of days for the sake of keeping a lid on my anxiety


was actually shaking and stuff, had to go to a cafe for a couple of hours and try to do some study but was too frazzled to concentrate. i guess some of this is more me than him but ffs



What’s his username?


according to the replies it’s actually a she


I’m a horrific sexist.


Imagine thinking yr an easy going, live and let live kinda person, then logging onto Twitter and seeing everyone talk about how ridiculous yr rules are.


i doubt they actually believe their own bullshit.
stuff like this is so annoying though, and a lot of people are more subtle about it. - but when you look at ads for houseshares and they’re insisting on ‘professional’ people with ‘9-5’s’, it’s a similar sort of thing, it’s heavily implying that you’re going to be paying full rent on a place but that you’re expected to be ‘out’ of it at certain times. i make a point of avoiding stuff like that as much as i can, not least because i don’t have a job i guess.


Should have just said “I want someone to pay half my rent but I don’t actually want the hassle of having a housemate”, tbf.


I read the whole thing thinking “ah maybe they own the house and that’s why they’re particular” BUT THEY DON’T.

I’d probably move in there any be really difficult tbh. And by difficult I mean just live my normal life where I can watch TV or talk on the phone.

I can imagine this person just huffing and puffing if you were like “i’m not working today cause i’m sick”. They’ll be a right stropper I could put money on it.


Fancy living with Howard Hughes?


I think “cooked lentils and beer” is what got me the most


Yeah, so weird they don’t own the house and are just some super sad shill for the landlord. Just get there on the first day and they start talking about all the rules etc and be like
“oh, are you the owner?”
“Well, no but I…”
“shut the fuck up then”


The assumption that anyone who’s ever cooked a meal only does it because they don’t know how to make a sandwich is brilliant.


What on earth are you doing cooking risotto? Don’t you know how to make a sandwich or something?


Every christmas we’d walk into the kitchen around lunchtime and find it a mess of torn bread on the walls & floor, cheese on the ceiling, wafer thin ham hanging off the doorknobs, and my mother in tears with her head in her hands at the table, and my father would close the door and sadly tell us we’d be having turkey and all the trimmings yet again.


I’m so sorry for this harrowing experience you suffered. But the post/username interface here is absolutely on point.