House Hunting Websites

Am I missing any new developments?

The old standards don’t seem to be cutting it. I’m sure there used to be the odd normal person on but it now seems to be dominated by shady landlords or people who I really wouldn’t want to live with (not to mention the ridiculous prices and low standard of the accommodation, although that’s just the way it is nowadays).

Is there a niche, indie, house share site that I’m not aware if where all of the slightly more agreeable people advertise?

Yes, sharing a house can be pretty bleak for a full-grown adult but my current circumstances demand it.

Read this as ‘Horse’.

Carry on.

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I find that going direct to the suppliers meets all my horse hunting needs these days.

I don’t wake up until 9!

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Me too and I read “Hunting” as “Bumming”

As it is I have no advice to offer.

i see lots of people asking on facebook, obviously that relies on you having enough friends in the right city (and being on facebook in the first place)

Having loads of friends into horse hunting would be well lucky!

I don’t use Facebook. Perhaps this is why I can’t find anywhere to live and why nobody has contacted me for the past 10 years…

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