House Odours

Anyone got any tips on how to remove strong odours in a house? Anything that can be bought and popped into an offending room?

Thanks in advance.


No joke replies please.

Oh sorry, redacted my post now

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That’s alright, I should have said something in my post because I’d have replied with a joke too.

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What’s the source of the offending odour? We’ve found reed diffusers are pretty good for masking the smell when we’ve changed a pungent nappy, but that’s combined with the source of the smell having been disposed of - different story if it is a permanent smell.


Vinegar does the trick, but your house will then smell of vinegar for a while


Yeah, this. We need to know what has caused the smell as different things neutralise different smells.

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Not really willing to go into any more detail in the open forum but if anyone has any expertise I’m happy to share a bit more in a PM if that’s ok?

I sometimes boil orange peel and vinegar in an uncocvered pan in the kitchen. That works quite well. Also baking soda is a good absorbent of smells and if it was say a smell in the carpet you could dust it with that, leave for a while and vacuum.

Anything else is really just masking smells rather than neutralising them.

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Agree with others that the best solution is to tackle the source of the smell

Bicarbonate of soda or vinegar are good for lots of things, as others have said (but not together, because they just react with each other and do nothing for the dirt). I have heard vodka recommended as well, on the basis that alcohol kills bacteria, but I’m skeptical that you’d kill many bacteria that way, and not all smells are caused by bacteria. I’ve not tried it though.

If it’s, err, bodily fluid related, there are products specifically designed for cleaning up pet messes that would also work for human messes.

There are a lot of odour neutralising products like sprays or little pots that just sit there and soak up the bad smell.

Steam cleaning might help because it kills bacteria and mould and breaks down dirt.