House of Cards - Season 5


Anyone still watching this? Diminishing returns but Spacey is still compelling enough. Hard not to think about Trump throughout, and the earlier seasons could be a decent re-watch in light of recent events.


saw this was out. dunno if I cba with it any more. can’t even remember if I finished s4


S3 was terrible but S4 was decent.

Really this should be the final one but I guess it won’t be.


got about half way through season 3 and decided that i’d had enough, not remotely interested in going back to it


I haven’t got through season 2 yet


Literally can’t remember a thing about the last season. According to Netflix I have watched it though! Will have to find some form of catch up video as the TV will want to watch this.


Netflix has a handy 3 min recap, i also struggled to remember much from s3


The Meechum wall :sob::sob::sob:


Well i still think it’s great.

Quite interesting that apparently …Mrs Underwood starts breaking the fourth wall this series.

It’s basically her, isn’t it. So, so good.


i found this to be a good recap of season 4, for those that are thinking of starting season 5