House party capacity audit


Let’s say you decide for your birthday that you’re going to have a house party.

How many people can you fit into your house under party conditions (i.e. lounge and kitchen both fair game for hanging out in) before it gets uncomfortable?

If you have a garden, include that as a SEPARATE figure.


30 I reckon, at a bit of a push


Just about managed to host a fake xmas which was 12 of us all-in. It was a squeeze.


Sixty is the maximum I’d say. That’s using the kitchen, sitting room, downstairs bedroom and top floor bedroom as party areas. We’ve often squeezed a few in on the stairs as well.


20 I reckon. Had maybe 10 in for the DiS bike wankers ride and it was a bit of a squeeze.

Got direct access to a large communal garden which could probably fit 50 folk.


about 20-25 but I reckon it’d get pretty stuffy pretty quickly


We’re having a massive party on Sunday actually so I’ll try and get an actual number.


house - 25 (front/dining 15) (kitchen (5) (spare room *smokebox 5)
garden (5)
wheelie bin (1 per bin)


gonna say 60 inside, 200 in garden however toilet issues may arise if at full capacity


These are great answers guys. Thank you for your diligence at this early stage of the thread


We once broke three toilets in under twelve months. I blame the amount of house parties we had after we had moved in.


15 luckily I only know about 4 people


Living room is about 20 feet by 20 feet. Kitchen is the same. Whatever that works out as.

Garden is about 40 feet by 20 feet. See above.

Not a huge fan of having people in my fortress of solitude, so it’s rarely been tested.


This is actually a terrible answer.


For previous parties we’ve invited around 50 people on the assumption that around 30-35 will be able to make it. That’s probably our limit. We have a narrow galley kitchen which, in spite of its size, people like to clog up.


Alright. 1400. Same again in the garden.


Indoors, more than 30 would be excessive. In the garden, hundreds (big communal garden behind the flats).

Was at my brother’s gf’s 21st birthday party in their house years ago - it was a pretty small council house and it was as rammed a property as I’ve ever been in. Took about 15 minutes to fight your way from the kitchen, through the living room to the bathroom, there were definitely at least 100 people there.




can’t beat a good kitchen hang-out


are we taking into consideration that some people (cunts) turn up at 7pm and leave at 11pm, while true dudes rock up anything past midnight

if so, I’m saying 100, with carefully thought out 4 hout time slot allocations