House Plants Ahoy!

:cactus: :eyes:

Ok, I’ll start us off! Here’s a few from thee ol’ collection.

Pfft, it’s so big now. I kinda need to hang it up or something because it’s growing RAPIDLY.

Got this one at a car boot sale! Please don’t tell me those dots are anything bad :grimacing: Can you see it’s got a wee baby coming out there? :blush:

This is a plant my auntie gave me, it was a lot bigger to begin with, but then I overwatered it and it went all mouldy! So I replanted some sections and slowly but surely it’s getting there. Fingers crossed.

Find this plant a bit weird and ugly but i’ve noticed it growing lots recently! In my experience this is the point where it’ll suddenly get really ill and die and I’ll be sad.

This plant is so creepy. Sometimes if you water it that longer section on the left becomes erect :face_vomiting: I love it though, obviously.

I nicked a few tiny strands (like three 20 cm sections) from my friends monstrous plant one night, planted them and BLIMEY! It’s gone crazy.

I wish I was better at plants but with time I might :woman_shrugging: I think enthusiasm is more important :smiley:


Least favourite corner of the house.

Fuck off, you green twats.

Cursed lemon tree.


I feel very strongly that your girlfriend and I would get on very, very well :smiley:

my girlfriend bought a load of plants last month when we moved in together and i have so far managed to kill at least 2 of them. good start.


She bought them and you’ve killed them? How? :smiley:

We should arrange a MEAT at a garden centre for the two of you!

then I’ll drive off and leave you both there forever


she bought them all then went away for 2 weeks in the middle of a heatwave so… i just forgot about them. she said ‘did you remember to water the one in the bedroom?’ and i said ‘the orchid?’ and she said ‘there is no orchid in the bedroom’ and i just stared at her blankly and she walked off and came back with a dead pot plant.

i also killed the one on the balcony that apparently needs water every day or two.

i told her not to buy plants!!!

she’s away again at the moment… seriously this is all her fault.

(the succulents seem to be doing well at least)

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This genuinely sounds lovely :heart:

What is the long twig like one in the window on the right?


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Chilli plant that died when we were on holiday.

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Haha, oh dear.

I tend to love my plants too much and over water them. I had the same problem with my fish. They lasted two weeks.

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Save it for the Friday selfie thread, pal.

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Line up of our house plants getting some sun

The orchids were table centerpieces at our wedding (my parents insisted on buying them and the pots when they heard we weren’t bothering with flowers), one’s already died and the one on the end isn’t looking good, bit of a bad omen I guess.

The basil is really slow at growing, dunno why.

The robin is a Christmas decoration but we liked it so it’s a permanent fixture now.

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Also got this flowering cactus that doesn’t flower


LOVE! How do you not just eat the basil?

I stole a bit of a plant from one of our holidays last year, planted it, it grew very well and then it started to die :frowning: and I immediately felt AWFUL because it felt like a bad omen. Thankfully it’s started to grow back recently but OMG, I need to stop thinking dying plants means more than just… they’re dying! Haha.

I’m waiting for there to be enough leaves to do a batch of pesto, which is the only thing I really use it for. Might do it this week actually as it’s looking pretty lush.

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Hm, I’m always surprised at what plants seem to survive in my Mum’s hallway. There is pretty much no light there! I feel as though if I were to do the same they would just be dead within a few weeks.

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