House sitting

Anyone ever done this?

Some of them look like very sweet gigs.

basically tories let you stay in their mansions and play with their pets for free

Hous standing

House squatting

House kneeling

House Tip Toeing

My friend did this for about 8 months. He worked from his laptop and travelled around London walking dogs and cats. Then did the same in America Italy and Asia.

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I went and met him in one of the London houses and it was yeah, posh LME people with lots of ART and design stuff all over the place.

No dishwasher? Fuck off Helen!


That sounds like the career path for me. To whom do I send my CV?

trustedhousesitters dot com.

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On it.

yeah I reckon I will do this tbh

do you know of any sites for places abroad where foreign tories offer their houses up?

expats dot trustedhousesitters dot com

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Sounds like quite a nice way to get cheap holiday accommodation, but I’d still be a bit wary about liability and all that kind of thing.

I guess if you’re enjoying the benefits that the big Tory house brings then you’re a Tory as well, if only temporarily.

i know someone who house sat a church or something

might’ve been a vicar’s house

I think my friend did the whole thing with trustedhousesitters and you can do that all over the world? they take a monthly fee but - house sitting website fee where you play with cats&dogs is better than paying rent.

Yeah, I think I’d just end up being paranoid about inadvertently breaking some priceless family heirloom or something.