House sitting

It’s like The Shining (which I think we would all agree was still a good deal due to the amount of food the hotel said they could eat)


i wouldn’t know what to feed it


Definitely got cameras set up in the bathroom, etc.

same with airbnb


Fair point.

carrots obvs

i couldn’t be trusted, would probably throw a baller party and hijinks would ensue

Never had a pet, even though I like dogs and rabbits and that, so would feel proper unqualified to look after the animals (as most of these things usually require)

My pal at uni somehow got a gig looking after some rich guys posh house in Hampstead for term time, no pets, just make sure no one broke on and that.

I’ve done it many times, but usually friends of friends.

Also…any of you lot are welcome to stay at mine if you ever want a break. I’m away end of June in fact.

it’s the rabbits i’d worry about

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done it a few times for friends of my parents. basically just feed/walk the pets and bugger off out for most of the day/play on the basketball court.

I went on a couple of dates with someone last year who seemed to be in a perpetual state of “house sitting”. She worked in the film industry and everyone she house sat for seemed to also work in the film industry (while they were off on location or “in LA” or whatever). It seed like a pretty cushy deal

So I guess you should start working in the film industry?