99% likely that the house we bought 4 months ago and have been waiting for completion on for 3…has fallen through. Combination of various other parties not doing what they were supposed to do, and we’re gutted.

Cheer me up, forum.

Sorry to hear that. If it’s any consolation, there’s no level of buyer’s remorse that hits close to the buyer’s remorse you feel after you buy a house/flat and realise what needs done to it, and how terrible the neighbours are, etc, so you’ve avoided that.


Does this help?


That sucks man, we’re nearly two months removed from having “bought” a house and still waiting for it to actually happen, starting to feel a bit despairing about the whole thing.

Like señor said, no doubt it wasn’t the perfect place and there are many bullets dodged, hopefully you can shake off whatever the financial and emotional hit is and find somewhere even better. In a few years time, this will be anecdote in the longer story of how you found your dream home.