household appliances you leave on overnight

give me the full rundown please:

sky box
wifi router

think that’s it in our house, when they first got a fridge back in the 70’s my papa kept ruining all the food for the first few weeks as he would turn it off at the wall when he went to bed

You turn the cooker off at the mains?

I don’t turn anything off overnight. I don’t understand why you would really


Think we need to come up with a satisfactory definition of ‘off’ before i can commit to this.

Standby? Appliance on/off switch? Mains socket? Cut through the external supply for the neighbourhood?

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either of these to will suffice, our cooker has an off switch on the wall that we flick when it’s not in use

Do you have to reset the little clock every time you switch it back on?

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But standby is on, yeah?

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we don’t use the clock other than the timer on it so don’t bother resetting it

for the purposes of this thread, yes

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Tim and his palace of blazing lights

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Check out Mr literal over here

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you’re single-handedly killing the planet tim, i hope you’re happy with yourself

Doesn’t it flash at you needily though?

Do you worry that the cooker is going to turn itself on overnight, or are you just about saving lekkie?

Nothing. We also turn on two fans and have a baby monitor that we turn on before going to bed as well.

Lights aren’t an appliance.

not sure if it flashes but it’s never bothered me, dunno why we even got into the habit of turning it off at the wall either tbh

You’re an appliance


Washing machine. Do a timed wash in the early hours, stick it on the Minky when I get up

Iron Lung