Household chores: how zealous are you? (POLLS)


Overzealous = slightly neurotic about doing them asap, possibly doing them before they need doing
The right amount of zeal = almost always doing them when they need to be done, nothing anyone would find strange
Underzealous = a bit lazy or forgetful with getting it done


  • Overzealous
  • Right amount of zeal
  • Underzealous

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  • Overzealous
  • Right amount of zeal
  • Underzealous

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  • Overzealous
  • Right amount of zeal
  • Underzealous

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Either in the mood for chores or not. If I am i’ll do the whole house with vim and vigour, if not i’ll happily lie around in my own filth


Imagine presuming everyone has a dishwasher.




Just imagine it


Very diligent filling up/emptying the dishwasher, but extremely lazy when it comes to do the washing up of items that can’t go in the dishwasher.


Underzealous across the board for me. Dread to think what would happen if I lived alone.


Overly zealous about washing the dishes/pots. Never leave pots unwashed overnight




with what


I just let the dust and spiders claim what they want


vim and vigour


is it


I have found that now we have laminate everywhere in the flat, it needs hoovering like every couple of days and it’s very annoying. Might have to get one of those robotic hoovers.


Always end up doing several days backlog of washing up my partner has left when I go to Edinburgh. Just annoys me too much.


I just use jif or flash, but each to their own.



+1. My solution is just rugs everywhere. Sweep it under the rug.*



Can’t remember the last time I hoovered


I think I would replace some of the vacuuming with sweeping if we had laminate floors (I may be influenced by a hatred of the volume of vacuum cleaners though).


i did try sweeping but it took about twice as long as hoovering

plus i couldn’t find the dustpan