Household Disasters


I was making a smoothie at my bfs house and I was being a bit risky as per (mainly to wind him up) and didn’t put the lid on (cause it’s not that watery and never goes wild) and all was fine as I was running it whilst putting the ice cubes back in the freezer and the vibrations made a wooden panel that covers up the boiler fall off the wall and knocked the blender completely over and it went all over the gas hob. Took AGES to clean up and had no smoothie as I’d put all the fruit in.

My housemate spilled a whole box of rice at the weekend and we’re still finding rice everywhere.

These kind of things seem to happen to me or my surroundings a lot.


Can’t help but feel you brought this one on yourself Meo


I wanted to dry some clothes a bit faster than our minky could so whacked the rpm of the washing machine up to 1400 and threw some clothes in on a spin cycle. Didn’t move the drying wine glasses and plates off the draining board and they smashed all over the kitchen floor.

Never go above 1000 now.


When I was a kid I played football for about 5 hours, then I came into the house, picked up a brand new 2 litre bottle of coke and drank it straight out of the bottle (I know… I know). It slipped out of my hand pretty much instantly and created a fountain of coke, entirely covering every inch of the kitchen in the 5 seconds it took me to respond.

We had ants.


Whilst putting a glass on the drying rack thing I lightly brushed a bowl with it and the glass shattered, it was really weird.


Should stick to toast.


Similar to this, I was hanging up a frying pan on these hooks on the ceiling we had in my old house and something fell off and I tried to grab it but ended up just punching it and then it flew across the room and knocked the handles off both my favourite 70s retro coffee cups. The coffee cups stayed there but the handles just went “dink” and were off.


This sounds fucking nails and cool as fuck tbh mate


Valuable lesson to be learned (or learnt?) here. Thanks Jezza.


thought when you said disaster it would be fire or flood. Maybe subsidence. Not sure knocking over your smoothie maker qualifies. How about minor kitchen mishaps as a thread title ?


How about you try and find some God damn empathy Richard.


No thank you.


Godspeed meo.


My hoover isn’t working. Not quite at the disaster stage yet, but it’s only a matter of time.


I’m trying, I really am.


Nope. Nothing.


Theo, throw this chump in the cooler for a few days yeah?


A couple of months ago I had a full on slapstick disaster, somehow managed to open the washing machine to take out the washing and it was full of water, went all over the kitchen floor. Slammed it shut, drained it, spend a while mopping it up.

Opened up the machine again assuming it had drained, and guess what? It hadn’t! The kitchen flooded again, I wept hot tears of anguish, spent even more time mopping it up.

THIRD TIME… I carefully checked the machine, and it had emptied. In grateful thanks I cheered and slammed the mop back into the bucket with a sense of finality - and knocked it straight over, spilling out all the water I’d just spent ages mopping up.



Did you fully lose your head? Reckon I’d have fucking punched a wall or something tbh.


I’m going to classify this as a major mishap.