Household questions thread

Ok so I bought a rectangular mop thing’ the type where you can put the bobbly cloth in the washing machine. It looks more like a broom in dimensions, but how the fuck do I use it?

It wont go in a bucket so do I just pour water and stuff directly on the floor?

Please use this thread for any other household questions.

Sub thread: what routines did your family have to keep their house in good nick? My Nan used to put little bowls of water by the radiator to stop the air from being dry or something. Not sure if your house can be damaged from not being damp enough like, but i liked her commitment to it.

I’ll have to investigate as I don’t remember a lever

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Fill the sink up with soapy water and dunk it in there

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This seems like a design flaw

Our one has a little bit around the shaft (phwoar) that you can pull up to fold the bottom rectangle bit, which drains it and means it can fit in the bucket. Does yours not?

Hmmm, interesting! I’ll take a look later but for now I’d like suggestions to keep coming just in case.

Ours is one of these, and you put water in the handle and then it sprays it out:

every time i clean my kitchen it just gets dirty again what the fuck


I tried to buy one of these in a shop the other day but couldn’t find them anywhere.

I’d do what Matt said and fill up the sink with the floor cleaner and hot water and then i’d dunk it in, ring it out a few times whilst mopping

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Loads of places do them. Can you get click and collect from Argos or something?

Why didn’t I think of that before? I’m an idiot.

Also, it’d have helped if you hadn’t limited your shop visits to just betting shops, Costa coffees, and a carpet warehouse in Watford.

Went to a bloody Dunelm Mill and they had about 500 mops but no spray ones!

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Jay Z’s focus on household items was always going to hold him back.

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And Decathlon. Obviously.

Fuck tiled floors in kitchens.

When something is dropped it either
a) bounces across the room like a fucking basket ball
b) smashes into a million pieces
c) smashes the tile into a million pieces.

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I almost always wear socks so I only really realised how bad my floor was this week when my feet touched it. Pretty greasy - grim!

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This is why you should have porcelain, rather than ceramic tiles on a kitchen floor.

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