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I’m starting this thread as I’m currently battling yet again with getting my sodding duvet in its duvet cover and am swearing at it. Any great tips?

My tip (shamelessly stolen from Mrs Hinch) is to put a bit of neat Zoflora in your toilet brush holder as it makes it smell nice.

My household is a tip


Turn the cover inside out, put your hands into the corners and take hold of the corners of the duvet then shake it down over the top.


Duvet tips - my strategy is to get the two far corners into position in the corners of the duvet cover, then pick up by the corners and shake it until it all falls into place


Le Corneroi

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Don’t bother putting a duvet cover on

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See this is what I did it just didn’t work this time. Maybe I’m just having one of those days.

When cleaning windows, rub them with newspaper to avoid streaks.


Trying to learn more about zero waste cleaning but I just can’t get satisfied with vinegar and that instead of actual chemicals, would love some tips for this

Further to laelfys tip I turn the quilt cover inside out, grab the two corners and shake hard, then get the other 2 corners and drag them into place

When cleaning windows don’t use steaks to avoid hotbeeftrauma


and just walk around naked?

Yes. Clothes just have to be washed if you wear them. Just don’t get skidders on the settee

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Don’t bother cleaning windows. Just wait for it to rain, or look at something indoors instead.


Inside out method is propaganda by Big Duvet Cover, the leafy method is optimum.

My tip is to clean little and often, in between doing other things. That way you never get to that awful stage where you need to do A Big Clean because every surface in your home is dusty, sticky, or both.

(you can then do Big Cleans when you feel like it but you never need to)


My tip is for cleaning glass shower doors if you live in a hard water area like me. Spray on limescale remover, smear it about with a cloth or brush or something, then rinse it off straight away.

It took me ages to get to grips with this because my instinct was to leave the spray to work for a while and then scrub, but scrubbing doesn’t seem to make any difference, the spray works instantly and if it starts to dry it just deposits the calcium back on the glass.

Other things I tried that didn’t work - vinegar, microfibre cloths, dryer sheets (apparently good for cleaning glass but not in this case).


Also who the fuck is sniffing their toilet brush

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Button up the duvet cover before putting it in the wash/dryer so all the other bedclothes don’t end up in a soggy ball inside it


They should be done away with altogether, it’s just shit on a brush sitting there in a pool of shitty water in its holder. Way better to manually clean toilets


You know that’s actually quite a good idea. Not sure I can be arsed though.

Toilet cleaning tip for hard water areas: pumice stone onna stick is great for getting rid of limescale residues that look like wee stains

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