Household trends you're noticing...

I’ve noticed a lot of people put their living room tables behind their settees now. Can’t get away from it. I mean, sure, i get it, you want to work and watch TV, but it’s a fucking nonsense, mate.

Also noticed more and more people have rooms with just, like a wardrobe and a big chair in. Not a walk-in cupboard, but a whole small room. Again, i understand the logic, a different room to get dressed in while your partner’s still sleeping, but the old system of just throwing your gear on in the front room whilst watching the breakfast news was a guddun.

In short, if your table’s behind your telly or you have a whole room just to put your undies on in you’re a penis. On the plus side, glad to see papasan chairs have made a comeback.


Also noticing lots of people displaying their mini hoovers again.

Never been a fan, but proof that everything works in thirty year cycles, eh.

Always prefered the mount the holster on the inside of a cupboard method.

4ft 6.


everything needs to be pointed at the tv


Alright, Joey Tribbiani

im pretty sure this was a thing before the 90s

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It was, but:


The thing is my house is grey as fuck but I’m aware how magnolia this makes me. Whaddya gonna do.

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Not just household this one but its been bugging me and its as good a place as any…saying wick away instead of absorb.

Wick away moisture/smell from your work surfaces/furniture/skin.

Fuck off wick aways


Wick away? This is new to me.

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You’ll start to notice it, and then you won’t be able to stop.

Is that a threat?


Everyone on this website buying everything from MADE

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how have you noticed this

have you been peering in folks windows?


I have never heard this phrase before. I am scared to hear the phrase and the resulting anger it will cause me.

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I have encountered this mainly with socks and shirts, didn’t know it had breached the divide to household stuff too. Wick my breath away.


Hate this, we’re sticking our telly in the corner of our lounge in our new place and getting everyone’s focus off it as much as possible. Only ever really watch it at dinner time anyway, or if we’re doing films. One of the first questions my in-laws asked about the house was whether it had a TV point in the kitchen. I don’t need a TV in the bloody kitchen! Are you going to ask me if there’s one in the bathroom too?

Also TV point, lol hello is this the 90s? Shall I call you on my carphone to discuss it?


Yeah in clothes its less annoying but definitely heard it for like a sponge or cloth or something.

I had never heard of ‘wick away’ before I saw this TV ad.
It is now on all the time.
This guy is a real character, the Barry Scott of underpants imo.

That’s just ridiculous, I wholeheartedly agree with your irritation!

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