Household trends you're noticing...

Noticing quite a lot of sofas in people’s front gardens. Probably fewer council collections.

Just grey, everything is just grey, yeah, paint the lounge grey, brick up the fireplace in grey, paint the kids bedroom grey, kids love grey, stick it on insta


To be fair, we’ve put a bunch of stuff in our parking space that was supposed to go to the tip, and then the tip shut so it couldn’t go, and now the vegetation is reclaiming it. Got to sort that out next week.

I keep on finding myself gravitating towards grey and then scream at myself “NO” because no.

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Well actually…the kids at M’s new school got to choose a new colour for their uniform and they all fucking chose grey.


Oh man it’s worse than I thought

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dunno, TV feels quite wholesome now in comparison to phone/device screens. feel like those are the screens everyone wants to get away from now and TV is now considered fairly harmless

(i spend a lot of time looking at both)


In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.


Grey getting an unfair bashing in here. Grey is nice, leave grey alone.


Pretty sure my parents had the living room table behind the couch in 1983. Trendsetters. Or might just have been so the people sitting in it got some of the benefit of the coal fire.

I really wish I could have grey walls

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Yep, when the kids and I are all watching something together on the living room tv and side phone use is at a minimum is the good wholesome family plan good times.

Having a tiny tv in the corner is odd to me

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Same! Had them at my old place and it was so nice.

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everything’s grey these days

posted this without reading the thread! me and dis are so in sync

  • Nice, light, calming grey
  • Darkening shouty red or something

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chase your dreams!

When I bought my last flat the previous owner had painted the walls of the spare room what could only be described as inferno red with a carpet to match. Just standing in the empty room was painful.

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