Housing advice needed

Hoping someone can help. Myself and my partner are both looking to move in together. We’ve found a place, applied and my partner’s references passed fine. However, because I’m taking a new job with a current end date before that of the tenancy’s end date, my references failed. The letting agency are suggesting I put myself forward as permitted occupier with my partner as sole tenant. Is this a terrible idea? Any advice appreciated!

Change your name to HouseholdDelight and the letting agency would look on you a lot more favourably


I lived with an ex of mine under similar circumstances and it was fine but then my adult life is an omnishambles so I’ve probably got low expectations.

Can you immediately change the contract to add you on as a joint-tenant as soon as you’ve moved in? Probably also worth getting in writing that they won’t bill you for the sheer pleasure in amending the contract as well…if you can.

Think this is something best agreed with your partner?

Essentially you wouldn’t be bound by the tenancy agreement - so if your relationship breaks down they’ve not recourse to making you responsible for your share of the rent.

(You’d also have no rights under the tenancy agreement, but, er, tenancy rights in this country are so minimal…)

No charges for tenancy agreements after June 1st :partying_face:

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oh yes, my partner is fine with it, and I think I probably would be, it’s just the lack of a safety-net, however minimal, is a bit scary.

I don’t know, is that possible?

It depends how much you want the place. On a day to day basis it wouldn’t make any difference. You wouldn’t be a tenant so if you needed proof of residency that might be an issue so you should make sure you get your name on fuel bills etc

It also means that you are not liable for rent and can’t be pursued for it.
The local authority wouldn’t put both names on the council tax bill as tenant is higher than permitted occupant in the hierarchy of responsibility.

But yes, biggest problem would be if anything were to go wrong with your partner you would not have equal right to remain at the property.


Probably worth asking to say that you can join as a “permitted occupier” and change it to a joint tenant afterwards. Should be ok once you’re able to get an employer to give you a letter that states you’re employed by them and can confirm your salary


I do have a contract of employment, the issue is it finishes four months before the end of the tenancy agreement, which is what caused them to freak out.

thanks, that’s useful stuff!

Perhaps you could ask your partner to speak to them to say that they would be happy with being responsible for the full rental amount (after your contract ends) as a guarantor if you were unable to?

I find a lot of this bullshit is flexible but you do have to push and ask and push and ask. Get them on the phone a lot, and they usually agree to stuff just to get rid of you

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Presumably you’d still have to pay the full amount of Council Tax though (i.e. there’d be no single-occupier discount)?

Yes, exactly. You can only have single person discount if you are the single occupier or there are other occupiers who are invisible for council tax purposes (e.g a full time student) But you wouldn’t be jointly and severally liable for it. In the same way if a landlord is resident, a tenant on the household does not have their name on a council tax bill as owner of property is higher than tenant in the hierarchy. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the advice, I tried this, but they said there was no point in a tenant being a guarantor for another tenant.

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It might be a really faffy expensive route but could you look at some kind of no-nup contract that says you’re jointly liable for rent in the case of a breakup?

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