How about a thread for comedy programmes that people may have not seen that are at least quite good?

Like not of Darkplace or Larry Sanders fame or shit like that but like Please Like Me (on Amazon Prime) that I would not have seen had my sister not told me about it (although I have seen it mentioned on here since).

Only fools and horses
The simpsons

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Yeah great, will give those a go.


keeping up appearances
will & grace

I loved SHH at the time.

Unfortunately this doesn’t show anywhere…

the katering show is both good and australian. it’s on youtube

They don’t need to be antipodean!

Never watched a programme on youtube…

Was young offenders big in the uk? Think it was on bbc 3 but for once you can not take that as a big red flag

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snuff box was good


I think we watched the first one of that and then my wife wanted to bin it off.

Cowards: Tim Key and some other blokes do a sketch show thing. There was a reccuring one about 4 judges living in a caravan in London that does me every time.

Edit: I’ve misremembered and mixed up two separate sketches but the caravan one is great too:


15 Storeys High

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Which website is this balonz (do not answer

Lot of these aren’t on there though and it’s pretty hard to torrent some of this older/obscurer stuff now.

(15 Storeys is good though)

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That’s a shame

It made me cry a couple of times :neutral_face::sob:

Yeah I have seen them all. I guess some of the Jonah stuff is a bit dodgy for a white guy to be doing so started feeling a bit uncomfortable about it all… I did love Jonah in SHH.


Pond Life

Never released on DVD but every episode is on YouTube

I watched the film of that earlier in the year. It was okay and there was a really good ‘Heat’ joke thrown in. Wouldn’t fancy watching an entire series of it though.

Cowards is so good. There’s an audio equivalent which is great too.

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