How about coloured roads or pavements to jazz the place up a bit?

They can do it. You see bus lanes and stuff. A different colour for each type of road.


Yeah. I can fuck with that Lonzo

How about a yellow brick road?

I can understand them not going with green as you might end up driving into a field but I’m cool with yellow or purple or the colours not of nature.

I don’t think this is a good use of the council budget.

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What are bricks made of? Dust? Just colour the dust first. Easy.

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I would like to see red paths in dangerous areas and I would feel good and cool walking on them

When cars are driverless I think people will be a lot more demanding of nice things to look at out of the window.

they paint the kerbs red,white & blue in some of the towns near where i grew up to “celebrate” the orange order’s marching season

really ramps up the carnival atmosphere of celebrating the death of thousands of catholics


The colour of the road could tell you the speed. No ambiguity. “You were doing purple in a lilac, sir”.




Is this the same place where they unscrew the bulbs on the green lights too?

Oh dear

Jeez, that’s horrible!

Do the Dutch take their love of low things to such an extent that they don’t allow kerbs?

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i’m thinking of harthill specifically here, i’d heard the green bulb thing about larkhall though

I was thinking of Larkhall too! Didn’t realise that Harthill was similar.

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When I used to play too much Tony Hawks Pro Skater I used to imagine grinding ledges and stuff that I’d see staring out of bus windows. The idea of doing this in augmented reality has me suddenly super excited for the future.

Might just ride buses all day when I get old. Get the high score on the number 47 route and troll all the kids.


aye it’s fucking murder, or at least it was last time i had the misfortune to drive through it in the summer (about 4,5 years back)

union jacks on every second lampost too