How about coloured roads or pavements to jazz the place up a bit?

Maybe it was their gala day (that just happened to be on the 12th July!)

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You have been watching too much Balamory

That is just the houses isn’t it? I haven’t seen it for years.

I think they painted Miles Jupp pink as well, so people could see him coming in plenty of time.

You could paint some of the pavements red but it would be quite dangerous if the country was suddenly full of cycle paths

There’s a shared cycle/pedestrian path about 100m long behind Deptford Bridge station, which is painted green on one side and left bare on the other. The signs at both ends say cycle on the left and walk on the right…

(there was a subtle cycle path / psychopath joke in there)

We’ve got some good ones where the pedestrian and cycle paths run next to each other, and the cycle path then just runs out, directing cyclists onto the pedestrianised part. I then get annoyed at bloody cyclists trying to run me over, until I realise that they’re just going where the path has directed them to go (shouldn’t they be on the road if there is no designated path?)

They’re all crap. The path is on my new commute. When I first went down it last week I nearly ran over a pedestrian, purely because we were both absolutely convinced the other one was in the wrong lane.

We’ve got some where there are clearly two lanes but the markings have worn off so it’s not clear which part you’re supposed to walk on. I guess you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

They’ve done this with a number of crossings in South Croydon.

waits for derogatory jokes about Croydon



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Sorry, what does pcbe mean?

post cannot be empty.

Or something rude about Croydon if you prefer :wink:

have often wondered why they don’t mix pigment into concrete for when they make boring fly overs and that. would look much better.

I am, to quote every fucker on twitter, here for this

Yes and ho

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What are your thoughts on musical roads?

MultI-coloured/material pavements are bad for people with dementia and other neurological conditions :frowning:

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I watched a really good video once about how different surfaces and stuff on the pavement for disabled people are often made to look as discreet as possible at the expense of their actual function.

edit: here it is The Little-Known Patterns on British Streets - YouTube