How about cutlery

made of glass?

No thank you, Balonz


Monkey tennis?

I’m all for getting rid of plastic cutlery but I cannot stand the feel of wood in my mouth and M&S have just gone wooden.

How about made of glass?

you cant spell glass without ass

I enjoy the taste of chicken and chips enormously.

there is an absolute sitter here - but I can;t seem to find a decent way to tap it into the goal


I think that it would be dangerous

Glass cuts everything it touches. Your mouth would be a bloody mess.

You bloody idiot.

How about ice?

Yeah that’s a good idea.

It’s hit North Korea, eh? You wouldn’t expect that to happen.

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they need to find a way to make cutlery that it useable, but also edible. It would be sweet so that you can eat it as your dessert

ice knife

Yes! Maybe for boiled sweets or… glass.

Sugar. Make them out of sugar.

Sugar… glass?


And then tax the shit out of them and pull this country up by the fucking bootstraps!

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