How about little turbines in your drain to generate electricity?



Would that work? We are constantly letting gravity take water away so how about reclaiming some of the potential energy we used to get it up there in the first place?

Feel free to “blue sky” other excellent ideas for saving money from a position of zero qualifications or research in this thread @Antpocalypsenow




Why am I tagged in this thread?

Is it because I’ve literally had this idea before and posted about it on the old place? (I can’t remember if I actually did btw but it feels familiar)


Yes and ho!


I’ve always thought little waterwheels in the gutters, drain all the rain water down one way and have a line of them generating electricity to a generator in the attic (or somewhere). Would it work? Literally no one knows.

Also you know how hybrid cars have a petrol engine that charges the electric one, why not have two electric engines that use the wheel motion to charge the other one once it’s run out?

I feel people are going to say these are stupid ideas…


Doing the calculations in my head, and assuming I’ve not made a mistake, I would estimate that with perfect efficiency you could power a 40W light bulb by flushing 2 litres of water per second through your turdbines.


Oh no, it’s because I feel the format of this thread is indebted to your attempts to get good conversation flowing in these forums and because I thought you might have similar ideas to add to it.


Yeah I’ve thought about this before, especially as we have an unlimited supply of rain a lot of the time in this country, and then thought “I’m not an engineer, there’s plenty of actual qualified engineers out there thinking about these things, I’m sure there’s an obvious reason to them that it doesn’t work”


I’m guessing because they’d become clogged easily, be expensive to install and take up space?


One of my hangover shits could provide enough power for all the morning cups of tea in the UK.


Theo’s got a crush!


That’s very kind of you Theobald, thanks.

I’ve remembered what I was thinking of though and it was turbines in external gutters and I’ve never posted a thread about them, just thought about them in my head.


Exactly, it’s the ‘surely someone who knows more about this stuff than me has considered it before’ thing.

But if you combined it with little wind turbines and even some solar panels I bet you could help with the energy consumption of you’re average home.


You mean, why wouldn’t a perpetual motion machine work?


Yes, why haven’t they invented one yet!!!

That’s not perpetual motion, unless I’m misunderstanding how hybrid cars work (entirely likely) than it would just be two separate batteries.


You couldn’t really do it with foul waste as it would get clogged too easily.

You might be able to do it with surface/rainwater drainage, if you combined several buildings into one pipe, and were running a syphonic, rather than gravity system, but even then the power you’d get from it will be tiny.

Turbines need continuous high pressure to work properly, and rainwater doesn’t really provide that.


Physics ruins everything.


Is “physics” one of marckee’s official nicknames?


As described it’s a closed loop. A powers B, B powers C, C powers A.

Hybrid engines break that loop because you’re putting petrol in.


mixture of things mate.

what are you going to do with the electricity? it’s well intermittent innit. And even if it was fairly constant it would be a tiny amount, so the cost of any infrastructure (the turbine itself plus connections and cabling etc) would outweigh the financial benefit. basically the cost of the energy would be more than your existing supply (probably). on top of all that the power of water draining out of your plug hole is fuck all, most hydro works by collecting water, running down a big drop and then firing it at high speed directly into the turbine blades.

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