How about that Elizabeth Holmes then

Didn’t know about this until she was sentenced yesterday

The whole thing?

I was reading through some of that yesterday

People really like her

I’ve listened to the podcast and it’s pretty wild.

As I said elsewhere I’d thought Theranos was just a vague horror Corp like Raytheon rather than a specific scam product

The tv show is good. Fictional her is really funny.

I guess real her is really funny too but doing bad blood tests isn’t so funny.


Yeah, my first reaction was to feel sympathetic towards her because I loved The Dropout. Probably good that she gets punished for this crime that had real, tragic consequences though.

Got the tv show lined up to watch at some point. Amazed she may actually go to jail.

Didn’t know there was a TV series about it

All of this totally passed me by

there’s a good doc called Out For Blood In Silicon Valley too. I have absolutely zero sympathy for her, she’s no different to someone like Musk, arguably more dangerous, fucking crazy that anyone ever bought into her scam in the first place but imagine how much of that money could’ve been better utilised in actual medical research.


That’s what happens when you rip rich people off. Need to stick to the proles.


Interesting because I didn’t develop any big sympathy towards her listening yo the podcast. Maybe the show does a better job?

Amanda Seyfried is phenomenal in it, and it’s all from EH’s opinion so it’s obviously more sympathetic to her character. Goes into her being like an oddball at school and not fitting in, references a trauma that happened when she was a student, etc, really humanises her. Plus a lot of the initial stresses were just super relatable to me on a level of ‘oh fuck, got a huge presentation and I’m gonna bomb it and ruin my career!’ Then a lot of it is, this is so wacky how could she ever get away with this??

It’s not until quite late in the run that you see the actual huge impact on people and realise the real ramifications of EH and Sonny Balwani bumbling about.


Yeah, this stuff is all in the podcast although it’s hard not to forget her incredibly privileged upbringing etc. I mean I was sympathetic with stuff that had happened to her but aside ftom conning Murdoch and the like out of big cash, she perpetrated a horrendous fraud.

And yeah, maybe the podcast is clearer about the problems with the fraud early on.

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The cult of the Entrepreneur strikes again. So many people who see this sort of thing and think she is being punished for success instead of for committing genuine crimes with real world consequences. Working as a doctor in medical genetics and knowing the mind boggling amount of verification and analysis every variant has to go through before we reach an answer, this sort of snake oil boils my blood. For every one that gets caught there are dozens selling bullshit in the private sector then leaving us to pick up the pieces of their completely inappropriate advice. This one just flew too close to the sun and rakes in billions instead of millions, so she got burned. Let her rot.


Wait, you’re not Sunny Balwani are you?



I think she’s nasty for getting pregnant knowing she’d be going to prison for 11 years

Prob her only chance to have a second child then? She’s 38.

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Seems more likely she was convinced they wouldn’t jail her.

You don’t do what she did without an enormous sense of entitlement.