How annoyed would you be if you dropped a fiver?


I personally would be livid, but wouldn’t think twice about wasting it on a meaningless pint.


How annoyed would you be if you spent a fiver on a pint, then dropped the whole pint?


I’d be mildly irked


lost or just dropped?

I mean, I’d just pick it up if i dropped it


Fuming because I’ve dropped two things. Doubly angry


Imagine if I had dropped the pint on an old fiver, rendering it soggy and unusable.


What if you dropped it in a pint and then dropped the pint?


very annoyed for at least a day bc living on a shoestring budget


I probably wouldnt notice.


I have found two fivers fairly recently, so wouldn’t be too irked. Reckon I’ve got it coming.


One of them’s mine!


Dammit jizz


Can a pint every really be meaningless or a fiver wasted on one?


more annoyed than if i dropped a pound, less annoyed than if i’d dropped a tenner


I reckon I’d be more annoyed if I dropped three pound coins than I would be if I dropped a five pound note.


What’s the largest piece of money you could drop with no more than negligible irkage?




I’ve just dropped a pouch of to tobacco that someone gave me to look after. That was really annoying cos I’ve lost it


18,000 Lira


depends doesn’t it

if i’d kept exactly £1.20 in change for the bus and then dropped the 20p i’d be pretty fucked off.