How annoying are you?

I’m very annoying indeed. Probably an 8. I am most annoying to my close friends/family and people who are easily annoyed in a way that entertains me.

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if I like you, I’m very annoying. If I don’t then I might a well be invisible tbh.


I have my moments

I don’t think I’m that annoying in person

I put myself as a 4. The person most likely to get annoyed with me is yours truly, muggins here, CCB

These days I’m probably a 3 at worst.

Here’s how it balances out:

  • I never engage people in too much small talk unless they are instigating and interested
  • I don’t talk about being good at things
  • I don’t complain about people I know being annoying or doing annoying things
  • sometimes I whistle or hum
  • can get grumpy when I’m empty

I fidget.
I mumble, talk or sing to myself.
I snore.
I yawn a lot.
I’m pedantic about loads of pointless crap.
I’m impatient.
I can be incredibly lazy.

God, I’m insufferable.

You tell me :scream:


well on here you’re easily a 1


Alright, Adolf

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Damn, was just about to post that!

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Haha, I don’t know… I think a lot higher on here than in real life. Especially the last few days, I have been drinking a lot of coffee and can’t seem to stop rambling absolute shite.

Thanks tho sweetie puff :kiss:

i’ve never annoyed anyone in my life

FTFY @Witches

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Haha!! KNEW IT.

hey someone’s gotta keep the energy levels up around here!

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Everyone else is more annoying to me than I think I could be to them.

i’m easy to ignore so probably not too annoying

I’m not annoying at all, unless it’s on purpose.