How are some people replying? You people are twats!

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Click reply.

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gutted m9s

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If you reply to a thread it appears

But if you refresh it goes away again

We’ve been hacked.

Thread SMASH

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dunno but I believe all the best people aren’t affected


This doesn’t even rhyme.

I’m back, you muthas!

You will see a count of new replies because you posted a reply to this topic.

What’s everyone going on about?

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Think the plebs without DiS Premium accounts are being purged or something.

Long overdue, imo.

But I like the plebs!

no, you, you’re a chosen one!!!

I went again but I am back again.

Life is a rollercoaster you just got to ride it.

This is it, Brexit has begun

Just trying to make things appear

Think Sean needs some more 50ps.


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