How are you coping with getting old? 🧓

Don’t really mind being in my thirties but I do feel out of place because I’ve not succeeded much in life and now I’m too old to just doss around with friends as other people are having careers and families and I’ve reached the stage where I don’t get the lingo of kids and cool internet memes.

Little things are annoying too like knee pain, back pain, not being able to stand up for too long in one go and also putting on weight.

One good thing though is not really caring about impressing people anymore.

How are you finding ageing suits you? Any tips on how to get old well?


I’m finding myself weeping a lot more than I would ever have imagined.


sorry to hear you are struggling :frowning:

Nah, not necessarily weeping through sadness pal. Just find myself welling up an awful lot.

Wept a fair bit during my sister’s wedding a couple of weeks ago. Was very surprising to me.


At films and stupid shit? Me too


I’m not sure if there’s a word for it but there’s a kind of nostalgia or perspective based appreciation of emotion that seems to happen as I get older, I can find things poignant by how they relate to something else that never would have occurred to me 10 years ago.

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maybe this is the natural progression for all humans but I definitely feel like I’m a kinder and nicer person than when I was young which I’m super grateful for :slight_smile:


Sick of stuff getting stuck in my teeth and my eyebrows are out of control.
Massive nose hairs too


This is a good way of phrasing it Bammers.

With more life experience comes more capacity for empathy or something. Who knows.


yeah I have some hairs on my eyebrows that seem to just do their own thing now and stick out at weird angles, never used to happen!

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My neck basically always hurts

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Knees: look after 'em kids. Mine are pretty fucked and I do that noise every time I get up from the sofa or bend down to pick something up


Brilliant. Love the lack of fucks I give any more about stuff that used to worry me.
Wish I’d listened to my elders a lot more in my 20s and 30s instead of rolling my eyes at them.
Really glad I’ve been judicious in my use of sunscreen/ staying out of the sun though.
I feel better, fitter, happier, healthier and more alive than I was ten years ago- by a fucking country mile.
SO yeah, pretty good so far. I’m under no illusions though- not looking forward to menopause and tits dropping and starting to pish myself and all that.


My back is clinically fucked, I have little hair left on my head and loads coming out of my nose and ears, I have no idea what young people are banging about and new technology is passing me by. I’m also, however, more compassionate, sympathetic, aware of emotions and willing to do the hoovering, so it’s swings and roundabouts.


quite inspirational how you all seem so happy and productive really, thanks for being cool in spite of mother nature x

I reckon 29 was my peak age.

Confidence, experience, but also energy, no major ailments and a size 30 waist.


Also feel like my looks suit being older. I have always hated my appearance, and probably always will to some extent, but I feel far more comfortable with myself now than in my 20s.


not gonna lie though I’m really really scared of being 40

Bam I’m 35 in 3 1/2 months time and I’m really dreading it for some reason.

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What? What was that you asked?