How are you currently streamlining your processes?



If you’re still in the blue sky thinking phase then just give me a high level rundown


Simon’s booked in a brown bag lunch and I want to see where we are


As a yellow belt LEAN practitioner im doing very well. Will be streamlining my dis posts into one per day from tomorrow.


Can you email me the ppt by EoD? Oh and CC Michael too, in fact CC all of ops.


Anyone fancy a quick sipoc?


In process improvement, a SIPOC is a tool that summarizes the inputs and outputs of one or more processes in table form. The acronym SIPOC stands for suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers which form the columns of the table.


More like Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, out-of-Control on Friday night, am I right?




Yes. How’s the BEEBACTARPP report coming along?


Alright scatman


SIPOC is my favourite palindrome


Ha! Always a great one down the Fez Club


Hmm. When’s your six month review again?


Sarah palindrome for me


4.5 year past


What is your game?



Hey. This place would be falling apart otherwise. Let’s not get too personola right yeah?


I’ve largely eliminated most motion waste by locating myself near the refreshment area.