How are you going to cope with the halloumi shortage?


If your answer is “by drinking beer” then you’re out of luck because apparently we’re short of that too.

What do you think the next exciting food shortage will be?




I don’t like halloumi and don’t drink beer


I’ve stocked up on tinned halloumi so I’ll be fine


An album by Earl Sweatshirt.




Just to clarify is that a coping mechanism or a doomsday crisp projection?


This is the first I’m heaing of this halloumi shortage and I am not happy about it.


This is an excellent coping mechanism for the current crises.


Bit of both


I did not cope well with the iceberg lettuce shortage


Remember the hummus shortage in Sainsbo’s? Wild times.


Remember when there was a prosecco shortage but actually there wasn’t?


I do like a bit of halloumi but haven’t had any in ages so I doubt I’ll notice.

Gonna get around the carbonated beverage shortage by taking a leaf out of Snoop Dogg’s book and drinking gin and juice. Laid back. Only with my mind probably on the world cup and, most likely, the world cup on my mind.

DiS Beer Wankers 2.0

The most disappointing cheese.

runs away


This is a good point. Something about the way halloumi is wrapped up means it always looks like it’s been on the shelf for a couple of years already. Maybe it actually has, and in fact we won’t notice the shortage for another year or so.


This is the wrongest thing I’ve ever read.


filth, you got any proof man? You can’t go slandering halloumi like this without a source.


Think we need @Balonz to arbitrate on this by comparison with Ian’s disappointing cricket cheeseboard.


Big fan of the old halloumi, have notcied people slice it a bit too thinly.