How are you going to keep fit during lockdown?

Good morning everyone

So we are having a month long lock down from tomorrow. Just wondering how people keep fit during these times?

Last lockdown I bought a cheap Dutch bike and went cycling daily but I’m thinking of taking up jogging…any of you go jogging? Any tips?

I’m really nervous about the gyms closing, I don’t know about other people but it keeps me disciplined, gets me up in the morning, helps structure my life as i’m self employed and I’m just worried now. I know it’s only the gym but I found going also helps with my anxiety and depression, stops me drinking as much and I’m just scared shitless now!

I’m going to try get out on my bike later but was just wondering what people found useful, be it zoom classes or jogging outdoors or what or know of any London based groups that do walks or something. Anything!


I am going to try to remember to go for a walk every now and again, and maybe not drink so much.


Maybe drinking and walking is the solution!

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I’m gonna struggle to be honest. Going to the gym or swimming four times a week has been great for my physical and mental health over the last few months


I’m not


Is your job being a pirate? :rofl:


Got a pretty dece home gym setup, so that with youtube core sessions, wanking, walking, maybe jogging round the park if I can be arsed.

Also try not to order too much takeaway.

Think I’ve given up

Not have beer

Must be quite a liberal park you go to


I’m just very discreet. I could be wanking right now and you wouldn’t know.

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Serious answer: jog most lunchtimes. Am on track to hit 1000km this year hopefully.

Think it’s important to get outside while it’s light too, will go mad otherwise.

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I could barely be arsed going for pointless walks during first lockdown when the weather was good, I’m not holding out much hope that I’m going to do it this time around.


No change

Press ups

One day I’ll start yoga again but can’t get on with online classes so will have to wait

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you’re on FIRE scotchy!!!

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I highly recommend the FitOn app.

Getting a bit into Yoga With Adriene because stretching is quite nice.

Twice earlier this year I did a sort of trot-jog, which was harrowing so I won’t be trying that again. I have issues with walking for the sake of walking, feels sort of aimless and boring. Can already feel my blood pressure climbing higher and higher as my fitness levels erode and my sofa moulds fully into an impression of my seated form.


tried it with headphones or still not a fan?

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That’s a good point actually, I could just be bored of @wasted’s chat. Unfortunately with the lack of daylight, probs not going to be super comfortable wandering about alone with headphones as the evenings draw in.

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Yeh true would perhaps need to be a lunch stroll

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