How are you going to keep fit during lockdown?

I had started doing a bit of home exercise before lockdown but when it started I made it part of my routine and it’s really helped in getting up in the morning, my mental health and physical heath, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been.

I do a short work out when I wake up: youtube core workout, bit of plank and recently started on light weights. Then go for about a 3 mile/one hour walk at lunchtime (this is great for my mental health I I find it helps when I’ve feeling flat) and then late afternoon/early evening I do the morning work out again.

If you can get into the habit it is possible to do it when the gyms are shut and personally I like that it’s much quicker to do then having to travel to and from gym/get changed etc.

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I also want to start jogging/running but have no idea what the best method to approach it is. Is it really just as simple as leaving the house and running round the block a few times? Do I need to stretch? Should I set targets? Do I eat before or after?

So many questions that I think I’ll just watch tv instead.

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I will try to ride my bike on dry days, my area is safe so I’m alright for nighttime jogs which is lucky, although I don’t enjoy it much. Summer lockdown meant I went out almost daily for long walks, had a lie down in the sun and brought some food and would eat it and share it with the crows, it was so lovely. A winter lockdown sounds far more bleak to be honest and I catch colds easily so won’t go out so much


I have no idea…i guess just put your jogging kit on and go for it…I’m putting a playlist together now in the hope it will get my fat ars going

This photo sums up my summer


Couch to 5k has instructions which is helpful, and you can still put your music on

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Probably by going to work.

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Isn’t it wonderful being a woman! :upside_down_face:


You could take up something like Pokemon Go or Geo Caching?


Up until July I was running every morning, and it was great - I was probably the fittest I’d been in years.

Then work got really busy and I got injured playing hockey, and I basically didn’t do any running for the best part of four months.

I’ve started up again in the past few weeks though. Building up slowly, running a couple of times a week. My plan is to get back to running every morning (when there’s daylight), and doing about 40km a week at various paces.

I have put a recurring meeting in my dairy every day at like 11:30-12:30 so I can at least get out for a 30 min walk or run during the daylight. Then in the evening at 6pm I will try to go for a walk but I go with my bf and we walk together with our headphones listening to separate podcasts :laughing:

I also bought one of these

It’s a bit lame but I feel a bit better wearing it cause i feel like someone would spot me if something was happening to me?!


I’ve got a little 2m strip taped off in my classroom that is the teacher area. It’s the only bit I’m allowed in :frowning: I pace relentlessly up and down it like a tiger in a zoo while I teach; it’s quite the workout.

I’ve been running pretty consistently since the start of lockdown, average about 2-3 runs a week and never miss a week which is pretty good for me.
I also dabble in a bit of Les Mills on demand which I think is actually really good. The boxing classes are especially good and require no equipment!

I purchased an exercise bike last year but only quite recently have I got into a good habit with it. I get on it every day, even though often it’s literally just for 30 seconds.

I’m also playing the trombone every day, which is much more physical than you might expect.

I’ve also been playing my new bass several days a week and been doing more cooking.

The overall effect is that I’m way way more active and motivated which means I’m burning more calories even just from walking around the house and feeling more up for a walk to the shops. A really massive snowball effect. Great my brain too.

I’ve lost a serious amount of fat but my weight is almost exactly the same. Trombone playing in particular uses a lot of muscles - and so they’ve all changed in the last 7 weeks.

Anyway: it’s gonna be wet, cold and dark but my instrument playing and bike riding will continue to be inside the house. The bike was £99 and I consider it an excellent purchase.


skateboarding, cycling, try to get on top of my indoor exercise routine again too

gonna really miss football, tho :frowning: I play twice a week and it is my anchor

Not on Fitbook.

Although - at my new job there’s someone who’s trained as a yoga teacher and she teaches some yoga classes during the week for the team where you can turn your camera off, and she actually made it sound way more appealing than I’ve ever found the idea of yoga (that is, not at all). the mindfulness and humility aspects sound really good for some of my recurrent MH issues. Yoga mats are more expensive than I thought they would be though, especially ones you can use on (thick) carpet. Anyone got any recommendations for mats under £30 that work well on a thick carpet? Do I even need a mat?

I would like to start C25K again as my luck with that hasn’t been great this autumn but it requires either getting up early or doing it over my lunch break so I can get it in during daylight. Not because I’m worried about scary people as much as because the pavements are crap around here and covered in debris, and I already rolled my ankle once on a pothole in broad daylight :frowning:

Yoga on a carpet is fine. A mat gives you slightly more grip and is good if you’re going to do an intense and sweaty workout, but it’s not necessary if you’re just trying it out.

Lockdown 1 was broken up with cycles but it’s too cold for that now obviously so considering a rowing machine. Just to decide where it will fit in my not huge flat.

I think I need to start doing Ring Fit Adventure again on the Switch - I liked doing that a few months ago but hurt my foot (not sure how, don’t think it was related directly but it hurt whenever I did anything other than a gentle walk) so stopped and haven’t picked it up again since. found that quite easy to keep up, definitely felt better for doing it

also need to figure out a way to force myself to go outside for a walk every so often, but like @Squandered I struggle with walking for the sake of it so will need to resolve that

I used to cycle a ~24km round trip to work every day but I’ve obviously not been doing that since mid-March. I don’t miss riding about central London but I really miss riding every day, and while I was easily able to ride before or after work all the time in summer, it’s almost fucking impossible in the winter because motivation in the dark is really hard to muster. However, when I have managed to get out early it’s been great.

No change at the weekends, still bashing out the miles.

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