how are you preparing for the winter?

huge manics fan

Possible invisible person.

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PS winter is very bad


Hahahaha lol

I’ve started to eat more so that I build up my fat stores, while also preparing my nest for hibernation. I’ve already cleaned it out from last year and have started gathering straw for lining.


As much as I love shorts, they’re a necessity rather than my true clothing pleasure; jumpers.

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Winter sucks, sorry. And it’s going to suck even more this year.


Don’t really pay much attention to the seasons, except that summer makes me too hot. We’ve conquered the other three with technology.



Not a fan of jumpers at all.

Same here. Started 6yrs ago


Me too.

Not casting any aspersions but some acorns I buried near a lamp post a week ago have gone missing.

Know anything about it? :thinking:

Can’t begin to imagine how depressing its going to be

Be an achievement if I make it through it

heading back to nyc now. unconcerned about october and november, will be nice to be back, got some serious running to catch up on.

not sure i can hack a locked down december, january and february, so unless there is a good reason to stay in nyc (ie someone i fancy), might try to get out for jan and feb if i can.

My winter coat is starting to come through as well.

I love winter, but this one’s going to be a right bastard. Just going to try to get through it, we’ve loads of blankets and I’ve got enough jumpers, need to put some leather protector on my boots but I’ve re-laced them so that’s all sorted. Need to check I’ve not thrown out my thermals, though I bet I have - however, I have put on weight and they were scanty anyway, so that might not be the worst loss. I’ve got a turtleneck and I can just bozz some leggings off my partner for an underlayer for legs.

I need some thick socks though, I always forget about this and end up double-socking for a good four months (though the Timbs make it less necessary)

Coat shopping is the only good thing about winter.

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Any and all nuts stored in my secret locations are mine. That’s all I’ll say on the matter.

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got a list of goals. not like, run a marathon and save babies from a building fire, but like, watch 30 films and read 10 books. but i do wanna do Couch to 5k

got a nice soft throw from Asda with stars on it, and put my fairy lights up around the wall properly so I can have mood lighting whenever I fancy it

looking forward to wearing my fancy coat with fur trim in the supermarket. i will be even more stylish and aloof than i am in the summer

I’ve had plenty of practice at not leaving the house


remember those ‘who can stay in their house the longest’ threads we used to have? lols