How are you rating your year then huns?

Marks out of 10 please, feel free to justify with + and -s.

Not expecting this to be a very cheery thread!

Despite gestures at literally everything, it was still better than 2019 on a personal level if not obviously globally.


Am going to say :five: /10 (last year I said 4 but that it felt like a 2 - am going to retroactively say it was a 2/10 as over the course of this year the scope of the damage has become more apparent).

:+1: Made some hard decisions for my wellbeing
:+1: Made huge MH breakthroughs, cheers therapist!
:+1: Much more appreciative of my girl friends who rode out the storm with me
:+1: My ex and I, who have always struggled to communicate, have spent 8+ months doing weekly video calls of between 3 and 7 hours, and we are so close now. It’s brought me so much this year and I still can’t quite believe we’ve done it. Also he’s upped his game in certain areas :smirk:
:+1: My new job is a challenge atm but it’s one that puts my career in such a good place and I have no doubt I’ll adjust to it in the new year (plus it pays better!)
:+1: The weekend where my boys came to visit me in September was everything I wanted it to be and more, i have such happy memories from it. Although saying goodbye was wretched.
:+1: Pumpkin being a precious baby :sparkling_heart:
:+1: Babygeddon was unsettling at first but I’m now Mad Auntie Pervo to my friends’ baby and will be to my cousin’s baby next year (!!)
:+1: Tonbridge actually got to the FA Cup first round proper!!

:-1: While it’s for the best, it still kind of sucks that my ‘best friend’ was able to bin me off so effortlessly for asking for boundaries that I should have asked for months ago
:-1: Losing Pip and Peanut after 2 1/2 months away from them was absolutely devastating
:-1: Food issues at the start of the year were really unsettling
:-1: Been dealing with the traumas of late 2018/all of 2019 for the whole year
:-1: I really fucking miss hugs, uncomplicated hang-outs with friends, going to the football, seeing my family, travelling, drinking mulled wine in a pub, and seeing Pumpkin whenever I want
:-1: The constant dread of looking at the news, seeing numbers tick up, Covidsceptic idiots, etc.
:-1: The November lockdown has been way harder than the first one and it doesn’t really feel like we’re out of it, being in tier 3.

So, yeah, 5 I think.


Yep, me and a lot of my friends had a godawful 2019 which has made 2020 easier to adapt to at least.

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Probably the most miserable year of my life

Giving it a 2, saved only by my 30th birthday night which was one of the favourite nights I’ve ever had


I like doing nothing but maybe this was a bit too much nothing.
Feel at times like I’m disappearing cause I’ve only seen other people who aren’t shop workers a handful of times
Not feeling the pressure to be doing things is a bit of a relief from normal life because nobody else is either.
wasted year of life on earth though so that’s annoying. Could have been worse.

Met joke and froglet - 10/10


3/10 - worst year ever. Not rated lower because however hard I had it, I know others had it worse, and also let’s not forget I managed to get civil partnered in September (although not May like we’d originally planned)

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basically this for me. Getting anxiety for turning 30, which wasn’t bothering me at all before, because I’ve not had a chance to do so many things I wanted to do before that date hits.

Good: baking and cooking more than ever before, smashed through some classic films I was always putting off, very slowly been fixing some things I’ve been putting off for years, starting playing clarinet again, no major personal COVID challenges for me which makes me feel so very grateful

Bad: everything else. All the things I enjoy are closed, hard to see all the people I like, I feel like multiple close friendships are really strained after all this and wonder if we’ll get back to where we were, couldn’t even contemplate the idea of changing city/job in a way I was expecting to at least look into over 2020.

Great: Buffy the fucking Vampire Slayer

Was going for a 3, but bumping it up to a 4/10 literally just because of Buffy. I think it actually saved my MH a bit in first lockdown, and instantly became one of my top 10 all-time shows.


Barring the expected arrival of Kallgeese Jr. in a few weeks it’s been a very shit year.

Between deaths, illness, having to move home next week and various other things I’d have to give it a 1/10.


Had another baby and she’s a good’un, so top marks for that.

Everything else has pretty shit though, but I have to consider myself lucky in that so many people had it worse.



I’m giving it a 5/10. It’s been dreadful but I feel like at least my family and friends are healthy, I still have a job which I didn’t think I would have this time last year. There have been some individual nice times like walks at the coast with my family or camping with friends in the summer so I’ll take the small wins. I’ve enjoyed getting back into running and picked up a guitar more this year than in the last 5 for sure.

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my pie-making phase was pretty good. I’m confident that I can make an ok pie now

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A genuine, absolute stinker. On top of the global pandemic and the ripping away of any semblance of anything and everything that I do for fun. I’ve been confined to a flat that was causing me stress levels requiring therapy at the start of the year. A mortgage prisoner in a building with unsafe cladding on one side of it and no cladding at all on the rest causing damp and mould and financial fears. Then, in the space of a six week period I lost my Granddad, an aunt (very unexpectedly and young) and, to top it all off, my partner was diagnosed with cancer (the massive, massive plus of the year is that she now has the all clear following successful surgery). All of this came during the biggest challenge of my career as I managed the largest team in the company, entirely remotely, to release our games on a record number of platforms. Even managing to pull this off (something I am enormously proud of) is tempered by the fact I was only in the position on an interim basis and I’m not really sure what happens to me now. Also, will be spending Christmas at home without seeing any family or friends for the first time ever.

Yeah, a real, real shitter.


sorry this is crass - hope everyone is ok

Want to give you a massive hug. Thanks for putting things in perspective.


I really hope next year is better for you. You’re one of the absolute best eggs.


Just want to say if I’ve liked your post it is focusing on the good parts x

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What laelfy said, I’m so sorry Ant - had no idea you’d had it so rough! So glad your partner has the all-clear now xxx


Man, fuck.i got a couple of the bits you’d eluded to in some of the daily threads etc but had no idea it had been such a bad time. I’m really sorry it’s been so shit, but you pulled off the game and that’s great news about your partner.

Very well done in the face of adversity. I hope you’re ok x