How are you spending election night? 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Like I realise that most people have jobs to go to in the morning etc, but if you are going to be following the elections at all, how are you planning on doing so? Any late night bars or anything showing it?

I was going to go to an all night thing at the students union where I work but I have a fever now so nope. Will stay up for a while if I can but then just check my phone whenever I wake up during the night I guess.

eating some old el paso fajitas, playing football (soccer), having a shower & going to bed

going out on my bike

Totally naked, pacing my front room, swiggin bourbon out the bottle and shouting at the tv (screen)


Same thing I do every (election) night
Stay up until 2-3 shouting at bbc news, then muting it, waking up and seeing THE BAD GUYS HAVE WON AGAIN in massive letters, turning it off and throwing the remote.


Standard election stuff really

Thanks a bunch, @japes

won’t it be quite boring?


i couldn’t not

Yes, mostly be daytime in the US won’t it

reckon the bbc coverage will be really irritating too, guess i’ll still watch it

Couple of days off work so my plan is thus - slippers and prison pants on, heaters blasting, couple of films, chilli on the stove, nap on the couch, up around 1:30am, shitloads of hot chocolatethe £10 (TEN POUNDS) of anti-pasti olives i’ve just bought. Gonna be a cracker. The big lad’s played an absolute blinder here to be fair.


Stick yer fucking edit function, Sean.


You’ll still have about 4 hours before anything of significance happens so go steady with them olives, Chief.


boo @e4

Sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night, not being able to resist the urge to check my phone to see what the results are, not being able to get back to sleep hereafter and spending 5 hours reading #hottakes on social media.


Asleep, knowing I will wake up to a twat or twatette being elected president all because of an outdated constitution which means you need to get rid of a president no matter how qualified/good they’re at the job.

wanking myself into a coma


Is that right - Ohio have picked every winner six the turn of the 60s and are now very pro-Trump?