How are your clubcard points?

I recall discussing this on old DiS - how are you getting on at Sainos, Tezzers, ASDAS, I can’t remember what abbreviations the other ones had…

Prompted by filling the car up the other day and realising that I’ve got over a hundred quid on my Nectar.

That’s three year’s worth of points as I remember spending that last lot on Easyjet flights to Munich. Lovely city, had a great time - thanks for asking.

So what you got currently? What you spend them on - treat yourself to a bottle of single malt/days out with the kids/just Scrooge McDuck into a massive pool of them? Any tricks for maxing them out? AOB?


You stroking me off, pal? First that ritual shit and now this?
InterDiSal Nectar Championships 2018


Save them all up - spend them on additional food and booze at Christmas and New Year. Usually comes to a ton’s worth or so across Tesco, Nectar etc.

I shop at Sainos every single day and but have never bothered to get a Nectar card. Could probably buy a yacht or something but now if I had but you know, roll with the punches.

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Fair enough 'lonx. @moderators - shut this shit down :-1:

As requested

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