How are your fingernails?



fucking tremendous nails here. no biting, gnawing. just beautiful, smooth nails. no cracks at all, brother.

the outer bit of the nails are about 3mm at the moment, which is pretty much the level that I’d like them to always be. will probably have a little file on Thursday or Friday



Better than they’ve ever been. Managed to stop biting them towards the end of last year and haven’t done it since. Trimmed them yesterday so they’re a decent length too.




Bite and pick at them loads so probably got shit nails, couldn’t give a fuck though.


Quite gnarly - index fingernails both have quite odd shapes due to climbing


Alright Rupert Grint, calm down.


3mm is pretty long, man. I like mine nice and trimmed, once a week at least. Mine are lovely, thanks for asking.

Anyone use scissors rather than clippers? What the fuck is wrong with you?


You sound like ‘the man’.


I use a file. come at me, dawg


Aww, fanx hun xoxo


were you the guy who had the busted finger with the oversized bandage? if so, yeah…your nails are in a pretty bad state.


A lot better now than they have been for the last couple of years, as I’ve somehow managed to stop biting and tearing at them constantly.