How are your legs looking, DiS?


Phwoar or… nor?

Mine: in shape BUT too hairy.


Pretty good thanks. Some good calf and quad definition going on


They’re fine, I reckon


Covered in scabs from where I’ve been scratching mozzie bites.


My greatest asset


Probably the nicest part of me. Hard to have fat legs.

(Wait, just remembered my chub rub. Fuck).


Not skinny enough! Basically dead weight for climbing, so trying to lose as much leg weight as I can.


I’ve got fucking fantastic calves (and have done for a number of years) but my quads are in a good condition at the moment also


fire kindling with a bit of a prison tat on one


Yeah, pale and hairy, but built like Roberto Carlos’s finest.

Probably a bit too big, if I’m honest - not best suited to long-distance running at all.


as thin as a new born gazelles. no definition whatsoever. need to get back out on the bike man


Long, hairy, knackered, chafed. Like I like my women etc etc…


I have about 10 bruises on my legs at any given time and I have no idea where I got them. I think it’s a combination of being very clumsy but also good with pain so I don’t remember crashing into things :thinking:


Good thanks, full of astro turf burns


bit hairy but they look good in a pair of jeans i reckon


Nasty :frowning:


Got the two tone thing happening as I was on holiday not so long ago


Moderately tanned and fairly toned, so not bad. Have always had knobbly knees annoyingly, so overall…7/10?


Maybe we should meet up and compare calves?


Very hairy legs. Strange thing is I have little body hair in general. A couple of strands around my nipples and 3/4 hairs on my chest. But yeah… its all goes to me legs.