How are your nails going?

I would have cleaned them a bit but that’s against the spirit of the thread.

Bad enough that I won’t post a picture.


Minging. I’m a picker



I want a mani and a pedi.


Cut yesterday, so I’m comfortable posting:

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AWFUL. I was off work on friday and the child was in nursery in the afternoon and, drunk on spare time, I nearly went for a mani. but it’s the upkeep that puts me off because they only look good for a week or two, and then they need infilled or whatever. I’d probably be wearing the same manky chipped gel until the next bank holiday.

Wish I’d gone for it now. they look dirty and ragged and as if I have a massive iron deficiency.

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i regret to inform you that the thread is closed

You wanted photos. You got photos

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i was a biter up until last december. it’s pretty much the only bad habit i’ve ever successfully kicked. probably wasn’t worth it.

Don’t even bite. Just pull them off (no.)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no

Shall we make a pact right now and so get our nails seen to at some point today? I think I’ve got a clipper in my car somewhere.

I can lend it out.

Pretty good.

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mine are pretty great already but sure

Got out the macro lense for this one :joy: Looks deeelightful.

Anyway, I wanted to show how I’ve got this nail that has a kind of crease in the middle of it, and all along it there’s little dents. Weird. Also I wear nail polish a lot so my nails are look pretty dry at the mo. ENJOY!

your finger looks glazed m8

nail going right to the top without moon tho, well jelly.