How are your neighbours these days?

(Obviously this thread has been done before, but people move on, don’t they)

There’s been a lot of neighbour-related chat today:

So, tell us about your neighbours. On a scale of Safari to Scout, how well do you get on with them? Any matters of interest? Etc?


dunno, we keep getting their post, though. also, they had this one bindy hedge plant that was breaking our fence last year, so they cut it back slightly causing the fence to fall down. we’ve since had their dead hedge and a broken fence down the end of the garden. Not done much about that though, have I?

GBOL - we get on well with them. They’ve just had their second child, like last week.

To reinforce what I’ve mentioned above. Most of my neighbours are a GBOL. There’s 78 flats all around a shared garden and it’s a joy to go out there on summer and socialise. Have made some excellent mates and there’s people who’ll drop off leftovers for you if they’ve made too much food and just generally have that community spirit I’ve never experienced before.

And it’s pretty much the (northern) epicentre of DiS.


quite like them though. their son runs a metal night at the Face Bar and normally see the parents at Reading Festival.

The guy on the other side seems ok, if a bit odd. He’s the one has twice knocked on our door once to give us Soplica at half 9 on a Sunday morning a year ago and once to ask me to look at his boiler at half 9 one Wednesday or Thursday evening a month back.

Barely see them. One of them I realised about a year ago has been calling me by the wrong name, too late to correct her now as it’s been over 5 years, so now I’m Rob.


The front room of our neighbours’ house has just been turned into a nail bar. Do they still live there? Is it purely a place of business now? Fuck knows.

The other neighbours sort of have joint custody of Mr Socks, though of course Mr Socks does not acknowledge any such arrangement. I frequently see him chilling in their living room window. He pretends he hasn’t seen me. Also if he stays with us Saturday night he’ll be insisting he gets let out at the same time every Sunday because he knows they’ll let him have a lick of the basting tray they’ve cooked their Sunday roast in. The mercenary bastard.


Quite a lot of proper, house-shaking door slamming this morning but that’s unusual for them so I’ll let them off.

Recently got a husky puppy. Not sure they’ve had dogs before, so that’s an… interesting choice of breed. Looking forward to seeing it poke its head into my living room after it chews through the adjoining wall out of boredom one day.

The ones on the other side don’t seem to be smoking so much weed these days. Haven’t smelt it in a while.


this was at the better end of what they usually play, theyre pretty into polka and europop.

the drug dealer from across the road moved out a few weeks ago. i think he moved out in the middle of the night, we had no idea he was gone until we saw some new people moving in. he was well intimidating, ripped af and used to wear a vest all the time, leave his drop top audi with the engine going in the street while he’d nip into the house for summat, let his beefy staffie (her name was blinger) hang out in the front yard all day. he was lovely tho, always said hello when we saw him in aldi. gave us all of his leftover dog food when his dog died an all

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I’ll kick off:

Next door (to the left as you face our front door) - HMO of almost-silent Lithuanians. I’m sure there are people living there but we never see them. We’ve been round to say hi, but that’s the extent of our contact with them.

Next door (to the right) - couple and young child. We get on okay with them, put each other’s bins out, hold parcels for each other, share a conversation every so often. The dad of the house is a bit paranoid about “druggies” (after he and I both got our bikes stolen) and has taken to installing CCTV on his back gate.

Two doors down (to the right) - decrepit racist Brexiters. Made my life really difficult when I was trying to do the neighbourly thing and resolve a burst, shared water mains. Blamed the burst pipe on “the foreigners next door”.

“Oh, hi Rob! I got a parcel delivery for your address today, but it was for someone else, so I sent it back”

Once had the old bill round and my buzzer wasn’t working so they knocked on the windows of the downstairs neighbours to let them in. Carrying that bad boy reputation with me to the grave even though it was just because someone had cloned my license plate

Actually, stoner neighbours are dreadful for taking their bins back in. It was still there this morning. Bin day is Friday. I’m pretty certain it’ll still be there when I get home today, very slightly in the way of my drive.

next door: fine, don’t really see them :woman_shrugging:

upstairs: always has some telly or music on waaaaaaay too loud. really want to mention it, but in typical british fashion we haven’t. his bin got nicked a couple of weeks ago and so he knocked on our door to ask if he could share ours, and we didn’t even mention the noise ffs.

also he puts all his recycling in plastic bags ffs :woman_facepalming:

I think the elderly man on one side might be smoking weed, as i can smell it sometimes. I think the other side are moving/have moved and the house is for sale?

Over the road were a couple who’d been there since before my parents bought our house in 1990 and whose son i went to school with, but sadly the husband died so the wife moved in with her sister. The new couple are still doing up the house and I’m not sure they’ve moved in yet.

At my bf’s flat, i think the man upstairs has been screaming at his kids slightly less frequently but the kids do still regularly wake us up by jumping up and down on the floor

New flat: have been there two weeks and have not yet seen or heard anyone so I might be alone?

Old flat in oxford, neighbours (in the next block) just got sent down for dealing heroin and crack.

gf’s dad wanted to ask him if he could buy some weed but we made him stop coz the guy never actually told us he was a drug dealer. he just had regular short trips out in the middle of the night, and lots of regular visitors for very short trips, and a flashy car and didnt seem to have a regular job

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Newcastle: live in one part of a massive complex. Probably 50-60 flats in my bit. Seen a few randoms coming in and out, polite nods all round. Never seen any of my immediate neighbours. Building seems to be incredibly well insulated cos I hear absolutely no noise. A-.

Edinburgh; 16 flats on a single tenement stair. Woman opposite smokes in the stair despite various people asking her not. Her husband takes care of the shared garden and it looks great. Nice lady upstairs has two chonkker cats who sometimes hang out in our flat. Someone (unknown) upstairs laughs really loudly a lot and it must down an old beam or something cos we can proper hear it. Downstairs flat is for sale so will probably turn into an air BnB, enriching someone at all our expense. B+.

Next-door (left) has been vacant for about a year
Next-door (right) are almost never in, and are pretty quiet even when they are around.


Older couple on one side only there a few weeks a year. Can be a bit noisy when they are back as they seem to be catching up with people constantly.

Person on their own on other side. Get on great after a rocky start (building work which dragged on ages, our fault). Quite weird, but bonded when we found a body a few doors down.

It’s a nice street. Friendliest one I’ve lived on.