How are your senses?

reckon I have

perfect hearing
bad sight (approx -5 in each eye, very good when i wear my glasses though)
pretty bad smell as my nose is always blocked
bad touch
good taste

please blur out all joke answers

bit much

My hearing is getting pretty bad tbh
My sight is very good
My sense of smell is poor
I have a good palate
I can feel things

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Constant tinnitus

Pretty great eyesight but I’ve noticed it taking longer to switch focus

Taste is good I reckon, don’t smoke etc.

I can feel things.

hearing: tinitus. also have problems with ears which result in very occasional dizzyness, but had them looked at and apparently they and my hearing are absolutely fine.

sight: right eye is blurry but other than that, fine. no glasses required,

smell: quite good.

touch: yes?

taste: absolutely.

bad hearing
very good eyesight
nose always blocked
fantastic touch
i taste too much

Best to worst:


has anyone done that thing where you shut your eyes and they lightly touch you down your forearm and you say stop when they reach the inner elbow?

Nobody has ever done that to me

My sense of touch is probably actually too good on accounts of how I am ticklish and flinch like anything when people make contact with me

Not done this but I experienced that thing recently where if you pour cold water on yourself from out of a (Not boiled) kettle the sensation you feel is of being burnt.

Then my brain pulled itself together.

Terrible sight. Struggle to read anything more than about six feet away.

Some weird sort of glue ear superhearing where someone opening a packet of crisps at the other end of a pub or the slightest hum of an electrical item sounds loud as fuck.

Oversensitive sense of smell especially with stuff like sweat and urine, etc. Weird. Antihistimines dull it quite a bit.

Poor pallete. Mainly select foods for texture.

Great touch for a big maaan.

I’d say all my senses are pretty great. Mild short sightedness but haven’t needed glasses in a decade. Happy with my senses.

try it with your partner tonight

My eyesight is increasingly fucked. Got reading glasses now, which I hven’t quite managed to figure out. Basically neither my reading glasses nor my distance glasses work brilliantly at the distance I like to read things. Even then my distance vision is poor with my glasses on, and borderline dangerous when I don’t.

Smell and taste never really came back after I quit smoking. Neither is completely gone, but both very weak.

Hearing OK I think.

Don’t like touching stuff.

I’m too ticklish

bad eyes
bad ears
how do I smell? Terribly!
Touch and taste are doing a lot of heavy lifting

Right ear is prone to blocking every 6 months or so.
Have a lazy left eye and is tremendously blurred so a bit of a cyclops.
I can’t even breathe out of my nose at the moment.
This is affecting my taste alas, having curry tonight gonna throw a few chillies at it.
Always had a pretty good touch, both feet.

Fucking hell I’m proper crocked.

Sight: Excellent
Smell: Not great, always sniffly
Taste: Normal I think???
Hearing: Probably worse now due to all the loud music I’ve blasted directly into my ears over the years
Touch: Normal I think???

probably a cyclist