How are your skin and lips coping with seasonal drop in temperature dis?



My hands are already getting dry and a few wee cuts have formed. It’s a bit stingy when I wash them or cook with a lemon. I’ve got some moisturizer to sort it out.


I don’t normally get too chappy, my lips get a little bit bad but only when it’s properly cold in Winter II, close to or below freezing


coconut oil is good for dry hands, man. very good


I’ve got some cocoa butter style moisturizer, I like because it makes me smell like a dessert. I’ll maybe try the coconut oil too.


don’t care because I’m not a massive fanny


not true


Fine. I do care and I am a massive fanny.





fine thanks. i do wonder how @Royter-Hatfood 's are doing though.


Just moisturising more. Bald men can be in danger of dry skin they’re unaware of/unable to see, so it’s a constant battle with the elements.


Really dry, I keep putting on hand cream all the time. I use the cowshed cowpat one it’s great


Update: My lips are in pieces. Completely dried out. Waiting for them to crack now.


I’m a fan of the cocoa butter. My mum’s cat is also obsessed with the stuff, and threw a proper strop when I was there and had switched to shea butter temporarily.


They’re fine, but my feet are fucking icicles all the time :confused:


mine have started giving me gyp the past few days too


how did it strop, did it flounce?


Sniffed my hand, backed away in disgust and started yowling at me. If I’ve used the cocoa butter she tries to lick my hand.


does she not get a taste of it and think “this is actually boke and not at all like chocolate”?


Yes but she never learns.


About to use this- the joys of wfh.

These Korean face sheets are magic. I don’t have wrinkles but this was the only one without collagen or other liquified animal in.