How arsed are you about how "new" an artist is?

does it have any bearing on how likely/unlikely you would be to check them out?

i’ve noticed a huge shift in the last few years towards an almost obsession with covering “new” artists/bands online from bloggers, websites etc. it seems like people are obsessed with getting in “first” with acts in the hope they take off

seen quite a few shows up here selling out in reasonably sized “small” venues from band who literally haven’t released a single note of music which seems absolute mental to me

I am “not arsed”.


The constant chasing of new bands and the next big thing in the music press is nothing new. People were complaining about the NME and Melody Maker doing that 20 years ago and I’m sure for much longer.


aye you’re probably right, although i meant less about “the next big thing” and literally just that i’ve noticed that a lot of places seem to have become utter neophiles of late

If anything i think i enjoy finding someone from the past who flew under the radar then more these days.


aye i love it when you discover an older band you hadn’t heard of and find you have a couple of albums to enjoy

In the time of the music press they certainly plugged loads of new bands in the hope that one became big and they could claim they found them first. Lead to them pushing loads of rubbish or at least bands that were never going to make it big. They also did a thing where if one of the hype bands didn’t then get big they’d basically scoff and refuse to give them much attention after that.

BITD The Magic Numbers (lol) were selling out 2500 capacity venues in London based on one 7”.

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Used to be more bothered about this, mainly cos I used to be an avid NME reader.

Nowadays I’ve found a perverse pleasure in getting into bands 10 or so albums into their career. I’ve got far fewer indie points these days as a result.

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Something really nice about getting into someone with a massive catalogue to explore. Imagine discovering Low now.


Exactly this. Double Negative was my first Low album. Haven’t explored the rest of the back catalogue yet, but it’s there and I’ll get round to it…


I’ve never got into Low and have decided to givr them a try this week.


I got into Low with Double Negative, am 8 albums in and the Barbican gig was amazing. It’s been a pleasure.


Older me is less insecure and needy in trying to prove to my peers that I saw or heard them first. Don’t really care now.


I feel there is such a wealth of music from all kinds of genres that I want to know better. From that perspective, I’m excited about new and more established artists.

But there is also something great about watching an artist/band grow from formation and releasing demos/bandcamp, playing bars etc to bigger stages. Seeing their excitement at the novelty of playing live in those early performances.

aye they’res definitely something special about watching a band you love getting gradually more popular, last time i had this properly was with frightened rabbit

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Never heard of that band, but that is just ridiculous. Fair play to whoever generated that level of buzz around a '7

Bit like when The Darkness first appeared, pretty sure the sold out the London Astoria before they’d released anything.

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The only reason id be arsed is because newer bands will probably be more active live and cheaper to see


I think it’s more accessible to discover older bands now - I remember not getting into Sonic Youth because I knew I could never afford all those fucking albums and bootlegs. Now I just fire up t’internet :slight_smile: