How arsed are you about this?


Just downloaded Signal but none of my pals are on it.


I’m not even on WhatsAppbook.



  • not arsed
  • wake up, sheeple

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Look, Theresa May, if you wanna see my dick just come out and say it, yeah?


Seems one of these stories comes out every week. Very much not arsed


Bit annoying that they made a song and dance about encryption though, right?


didn’t use it til recently, didn’t know it was meant to be encrypted. just assume that everything isn’t even if they say it is.


so arsed that i’m not even going to read the article


It’s no ‘monster mash’



i mean campaigners being uppity is kind of bizarre. Genius who has devoted life’s work to encryption figures out how the tech could be leveraged does not equal whatsapp lying. Our current govt probably only now know they can request this information because they’ve literally just read it now.


If the government want to spend their time snooping at my WhatsApp conversations that’s fine with me. I hope they like gambling and niche pornography.


“Boelter reported the backdoor vulnerability to Facebook in April 2016, but was told that Facebook was aware of the issue, that it was “expected behaviour” and wasn’t being actively worked on. The Guardian has verified the backdoor still exists.”

They shouldn’t really still be saying messages are encrypted imo.

Anyway, contrary to how I may have appeared in this thread I’m not actually THAT ARSED.


Both involve some impressive tips.


oh my bad. retracted


I’ve got nothing to hide, so nothing to worry about, obviously.