How bad is this? Should I complain?

Warning - thread contains relatively vivid depictions of a fire disaster where people lost their lives.

I had to attend a fire safety training session yesterday. At the very beginning of the session we were asked in a semi jokey way whether anyone was of a nervous disposition before a video was shown.

The video was footage of the Bradford football ground fire disaster in the 80s. It was mainly of the actual stand going up in flames dead quick, but also featured smouldering people desparately throwing themselves over barriers and advertising hoardings, people with their hair on fire, people on the pitch from the other side of the ground laughing and celebrating, old ladies being dragged out of the stand to safety and finally a man fully engulfed in flames collapsing onto the pitch while people tried to put him out.

There was then a graphic showing the locations of the people who died, all huddled into alcoves at the back of the stand by locked fire escapes, and we were told that their bodies were found piled on top of each other against the locked doors.
The particular circumstances of this disaster are of very little relevance to my colleagues beyond the fact that you shouldn’t lock fire escapes (none of us have keys anyway). It was all shown just to shock us so that we’d take the training session seriously.

I know someone who died in a house fire two years ago and it was a really horrible experience sitting through this video and thinking about the awful last moments that this person must have gone through.

This is pretty shitty and irresponsible isn’t it? Just trying to think how I should word the email to the person running the training as they meant well and are trying to do a difficult job but…

Not sure how I’d write it but I’d definitely write it. Sorry about your friend.


Yeah I think I’d make it very clear to the person doing the training that they need to be completely explicit about what they’re about to show and give people the chance to not watch it, you can learn perfectly well about fire safety without having to watch a snuff film and it was out of order to show it like they did.


I think that’s really bad and unnecessary. I imagine the intentions behind it would have been positive, but hugely misguided. I think you should reply and explain much like you have here that it is a bad idea and is not a good idea for numerous reasons. That’s awful to hear about your personal experience with this too.


Absolutely unacceptable. Complain and complain hard.


Why would they even such a thing in the first place? What was the rationale for deliberately showing something this without knowing if the trainees, like yourself, have no desire to be further traumatized?

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think I had the same fire training a few years back. maybe its standard to show that fire, but remember feeling a bit sick afterwards. sorry mate.

That footage is absolutely horrendous and should absolutely not be used without a significant warning beforehand (and even then it’s pushing it)

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they also made me lie down in that fire sled, and asked the girl who I had a massive crush on at the time to pull me a few yards.

you don’t come back from that, really.




Absolutely worth complaining about. I guess they didn’t consider the impact on anyone who’s lost someone in a fire, though it doesn’t sound appropriate evdn for those who haven’t

Ive been shown that video twice in fire awareness courses - think its an industry standard (for want of a better term). Which isnt to say you shouldnt complain - you absolutely should.

Ie i dont think it will lead to them not showing it, but if it helps ensure the trainer flags up the graphic nature of the footage properly in future, thats got to be a good thing.


really hate the guys that come in and do fire safety training. always get the feeling they’re in the armed forces or go out on tommy robinson marches at the weekend.


trying to work this out myself too. I tell myself its so the training can be improved but honestly it’s probably because it made me angry and upset and I want them to feel bad.

start a small manageable fire in an outdoor space in protest.

I think at the very least it should make them think about the warning they give before showing the video - not sure asking if anyone is of a nervous disposition is a particularly appropriate way to flag it up.

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I also don’t really want the person to come and ask for a chat and apologise to me in person, or have to escalate it to their/my manager and make a big deal of it. One of which things would probably happen

this is the really annoying part. i think in his head he knew he had to give some kind of warning but was unsure how to do this and so just said this with a bit of a smirk. as if anyone’s going to put their hand up in a room full of people in response to that!

I wouldn’t say the people who don’t want to watch other people burning to death have “a nervous disposition”.