How big is a piece?

in my opinion a piece has to be less than half of something

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it’s always less than half though isn’t it

take a piece of cake = have less than half the cake

the fence was smashed to pieces = more than two pieces otherwise you’d say “split in half”

Reckon a slice is smaller than a half but a half is still a piece

hmmm that could be true but you can also slice something in half

How long is a piece of string? Because that’s the size of piece


Yes, I hadn’t considered that.

Perhaps the verb and the noun of slice have some discrepancies between the two

I respectfully disagree because length encompasses the concept of size but a piece is always a fraction of something

I would say a quarter of something or less as dictated by the heart ‘pieces’ in the Zelda games.

I thought they were 3rds :thinking:

rich you’re very funny

I would say around ¼ to ⅛. Anything less is a sliver and anything more is a chunk


The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time features 36 heart pieces scattered across Hyrule. It takes four Pieces of Heart to form a full Heart Container

from the internet

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what about if the thing is all in one piece?

interesting, I would still consider a third of something to be a piece but I like your definition as it has clarity

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fair play to the internet, I admit defeat

Got to agree with you here Bammers

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The internet always wins mate.

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thanks Ant, it’s one of my better thoughts today

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