How big is a piece?

damn, you’re right

Who knows what a ‘piece plate’ is?

  • No
  • No, obviously
  • Yes, somehow
  • Yes, I too like Irish colloquialisms

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A piece of silver is 100% of a silver coin

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The size of one of these slices, or more arguably half that.


@japes you’re obliged to like this post

Thank you

I’m going to give you a piece of my mind! (more than half)

you might need some of that mind for yourself though

If I offered you a piece of cake, and you took, say, 3/4 of the cake, I would say “that very rude man took a piece that was too big” rather than “that very rude man took more than a piece!”.


If someone is referred to as a “piece of work”, what fraction of work would you say they were?

  • Less than a quarter
  • Between a quarter and a half
  • Between half and three quarters
  • Between three quarters and a whole
  • More than one work

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Me? Nah

Twice half it’s length. Duh.

A ‘piece’ is:

  • This size
  • This size I reckon
  • Probably this size
  • This size chief
  • Maybe this size

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None of the above

Thanks for giving me a piece of your mind

I can see your logic

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Wait a minute. No. The size of two of those plus a filling.

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“I’d rather have a piece of toast, watch the evening news”

  • One slice of toasted bread please
  • One portion of a slice of toasted bread

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I agree with this definition


If giving someone a piece of my mind it’s usually an infinitesimal fraction of the absolute content of my mind, if that helps