How big, is too big?

It doesn’t though, because the edge of the TV overlaps the window. Got a real aversion to TVs getting in the way of natural light, and it makes it look even more imposing.

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Oh, wait, I see

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There we go, order is restored

I went for 50" last year. I like watching films and they look better on bigger TVs. Life’s short ignore the tutters and go for as many inches as you can fit.

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I think you wanted one to block out your parking space in the day time?

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Yeah we have 49", perfect for my fucking needs although I think we could have fitted in a 55".

TVs are fucking cool, yo!

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if you’re going to selectively quote, you can do better :wink:



just reminded me of this

[I don’t think there’s any dodge in this thread, but apologies if I missed something when scanning through]

sadly your dropbox photos aren’t available anymore

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i got a 55" tv in 2016 which is really good - it looks really big in my front room though, possibly too big and definitely wouldn’t want anything bigger. but whenever i see a TV in a shop with other TVs, it looks pretty small and i always doubt whether it is actually 55" cos it just looks small.

so in answer to your question: depends?

Pro tip;

If your tv looks to big for the room buy a bigger house


Yes I think that’s right

Parking space update!!!

One of my great mates had moved opposite us, and we very genourously key then use our second space - but!!! his wife is a slightly inconsiderate Parker, and intern makes it a little difficult for us to park ( she doesn’t like reversing in, which messes up the spacing a bit), but I can’t broach this as we are all such great mates and I don’t want any awkwardness


Would you please shut up about parking spaces for five fucking minutes please mate. Sick of it.

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TVs would be better if the screen wasn’t black when they’re off. Would be much better if you could choose to have it match with the colour scheme in your room or something.


55 out of 55

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There are TVs that do that.

I would like one of these TVs