How Big Is Your Head?

  • Very Big
  • Big
  • Above Average
  • Average
  • Below Average
  • Small
  • Tiny
  • N/A

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How happy are you with its size?

  • Would prefer it was bigger
  • It is just the right size
  • Would prefer if it was smaller
  • I have no opinion on this
  • This is a private matter and I would prefer not to answer

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Like an orange on a toothpick!

Got a slightly small head but tiny tiny eyes. A normal-size head would make them look even sillier.


I don’t want to click on this as I might unbenowingly be holding a cursed lucky charm like a monkeys paw (but not, since I’m not) and my skull might shrink crushing my brain.

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That Serbian football man has a small head

We can only hope


I’m only liking this because I don’t think you’ve got tiny tiny eyes, but the idea of you having tiny tiny eyes makes me chuckle.

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Awww. When the TV saw the drawing Bam did of me her main comment was that he’d really captured my tiny eyes!


Have you listened to the recent Adam Buxton podcast? There’s a bit where they talk about caricature artists and it’s all the funnies.

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My brain is singing this thread title to the tune of How Deep Is Your Love


I have not but I’ll add to my to do list

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The TV is always telling me I have a big head. “That’s ok though,” she says, “because you’ve got a big face.”

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Like, I want some sunglasses, but they all look small on my big head and face. Why are there such limited size options? Why are my people discriminated against?
Have currently ordered some shades in the hope they will be big enough, but we just don’t know. We just.don’t.know.

57 cm in circumference or hat size 17 and one quarter.

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big head, small neck. Look like a Corinthians Pro Star

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These numbers mean nothing to me

I reckon I could take Eamonn Holmes in a big face off no problem.


If you wanted to buy a hat (a proper hat rather than a baseball cap) it’d be useful information.

i went quadbiking once and was like, ive got a massive head so ill need a bigger size helmet and the man went hahahahnaaah m9 youve got a normal size head! and i was like whatever pal ill show you then i couldnt get the helmet past my fod

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